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How Long Does IGET Star Last?

Hey, fellow vapers! I'm considering trying out the IGET Star disposable vape, and I'm curious about its lifespan. Can anyone share their experiences with how many puffs or days the IGET Star typically lasts for them? Thanks!

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James M Mannino

Answered on February 27, 2024

The IGET STAR disposable vape is designed to provide 7000 puffs and has a 550mAh battery. Based on the average, it can last around 14-30 days.

Based on the stats given by Google, and the feedback we get from users, it comes out that how long IGET Star lasts depends on how often and how deep each person vapes.

If you are a heavy vaper who inhales every day and is used to inhaling more air, with each inhalation taking place at intervals of roughly 2 seconds, then IGET Star may last around 14 days.

Light inhalers, who inhale less frequently, about three times a week, but inhale more deeply each time and the actual duration may be longer, around 30 days.

The above numbers are for reference only and the actual duration will depend on the actual frequency and depth of your inhalation.

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