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How To Open IGET B5000

How To Open IGET B5000?

My IGET B5000 won’t charge, I suspect something is wrong with its internals, is there a simple way to open it?

How Much Nicotine In IGET Bar Plus Pod

How Much Nicotine In IGET Bar Plus Pod?

Hi guys! I’ve noticed my IGET Bar Plus Pod don’t actually specify nicotine content in it, am I being ripped off? I just want someone to tell me nicotine concentration or how I can check it. Thank you!

Does IGET Bar Plus Have Nicotine

Does IGET Bar Plus Have Nicotine?

Hi guys. I just got the Bar Plus several days ago, but I can’t find any nicotine lablel on the specification. Is it nicotine-free vape? Is there anyone to tell me how to check?.

How Many Puffs In A IGET Mega

How Many Puffs In A IGET Mega?

I am considering buying an IGET Mega, but I found some Reddit reviews saying that the number of puffs varies from person to person. So can you tell me if there is a way to roughly estimate the actual puff usage of the IGET Mega?

How Many Puffs In IGET Pro

How Many Puffs In IGET Pro?

I purchased the IGET Pro two days ago, and it vaped out today. I just can’t believe it. Is the IGET Pro Pod Vape so durable? Can you tell me the real IGET Pro puff count?

Where Are IGET Vapes Made

Where Are IGET Vapes Made?

Can anyone provide information on where IGET Vapes are manufactured? I’m curious about the origin of IGET Vapes and would like to know where they are made. Any information or experiences would be greatly appreciated!

How Many Puffs In A IGET King

How Many Puffs In A IGET King?

How many puffs does IGET King actually do? Probably a tough question to answer, but I’d really like to know an approximation of it.

IGET Max How Many Puffs

IGET Max How Many Puffs?

I want to buy some IGET Max to try, but I don’t know how many puffs it has. Someone told me that the actual puffs depend on each person’s vaping habit. Can you give me a more detailed description?

How To Make IGET Bar Work Again

How To Make IGET Bar Work Again?

Hey guys, my IGET Bar isn’t working properly, and I’m hoping for some guidance. It’s not producing any vapour, and I’ve already tried. Any tips or tricks to revive it? Thanks in advance!

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