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How Many Puffs Are In An IGET Bar Plus Pod?

How many puffs are in an IGET Bar Plus Pod? Here's a comprehensive introduction to clarify all your confusion on this question!

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James M Mannino

Answered on February 26, 2024

An IGET Bar Plus pod usually offers 6000 puffs, which can be used for 12 – 25 days of vaping.

However, based on my years of vaping experience, the actual puffs may vary from the e-liquid capacity of each vape and the vaping strength of each person.

There’s also another way to roughly estimate the puff count, which is based on my 5-year of vaping experience.

The ideal duration for each puff during vaping is between 3 to 4 seconds, which makes your actual puff count closer to the package specifications.

If you used to take longer and deeper puffs when vaping, such as 4-6 seconds, then you will get around 3000 puffs or less. This may support 6 – 12 days of vaping or less.

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