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Is IGET Star Refillable?

I gotcha a vaping question here about IGET Star, and I need to know – is IGET Star refillable? Looking for something easy on the go. Anyone got the lowdown on the IGET Star's refill situation?

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James M Mannino

Answered on February 28, 2024

The IGET Star is designed for disposable vapes, and it is not recommended to open the device and add e-liquid by yourself.

Opening the IGET Star and adding e-liquid may damage the device and may even be dangerous if not handled properly. You need to own the risk by yourself.

However, if you are interested about that how to refill IGET Star, here are 7 steps for you as a reference.

  1. Use a knife to pry and peel off the smooth surface of the crackle pattern sticker.
  2. Locate the groove and press down to remove the mouthpiece and bottom.
  3. Carefully remove the cotton wick and battery.
  4. Locate the round hole in the cartridge and add your favourite e-liquid.
  5. Wait 2-3 minutes for the oil to soak into the cotton.
  6. Assemble the cotton wick and battery to the device.
  7. Start vaping.

If you run out of IGET Star, it is recommended that you purchase a new IGET Star to maintain seamless vaping.

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