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Alert For Fake IGET Bar Notification

Alert For Fake IGET Bar Notification

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Recently, the news in about the fake IGET Bar vapes rampant in the market has triggered the concern of vapers.

IGET Bar, a popular star product of IGET, has earned a good reputation for its quality and performance.

However, some unscrupulous merchants have taken advantage of the IGET Bar’s popularity by claiming that an upgraded version of the IGET Bar is already on sale, deceiving the general public.

IGET Takes Urgent Response

Fake IGET Bars not only provide an inferior vaping experience but may also have adverse physical effects on the vaper.

Common Side Effects Of Fake IGET Bar

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Allergic reactions
  • Oral health problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Cardiovascular problems

In response, IGET immediately issued a counterfeit verification statement to crack down on counterfeit products.

Notification Of IGET Product

How to deal with a fake IGET Bar?

In the face of the proliferation of counterfeit IGET Bars, IGET calls on consumers to participate actively in the fight against counterfeits.

IGET has always believed that righteous whistleblowing is a strong retort to fraud and the protection of consumer rights.

IGET offers consumers a convenient way to report fake IGET bars. Upon verification of the reported material by the IGET team, a genuine IGET Bar will be given as a reward.

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Effective Methods Of Identification – IGET Bar Real VS Fake

To better protect the consumer rights of vapers, IGET especially reminds you to pay attention to the following three points to distinguish between genuine and fake IGET Bar.

  • Packaging
Fake VS Real IGET Bar: Packaging

There are three differences between genuine IGET Bar and counterfeit IGET Bar packaging.

  1. Logo colour: The logo on the genuine package is silver, while the logo on the fake package is white.
  2. Mouthpiece direction: In the genuine packaging, the mouthpiece is on the left, while the opposite is true for the counterfeit packaging.
  3. Bottom gap: There is no gap between the warning and the bottom in the genuine packaging, while there is a gap in the fake vape packaging.
  • Shell
Fake VS Real IGET Bar: Shell

There are also three differences between the casing of a genuine IGET Bar and a fake IGET Bar.

  1. Top shape: The shape of the top is different.
  2. Pattern colour making: The pattern colour of the genuine IGET Bar case is made using spray paint technology, which differs from the counterfeit IGET Bar sticker case.
  3. Pattern flatness: The pattern of the genuine IGET Bar case is flat, while the pattern of the fake IGET Bar is raised outward.
  • Bottom
Fake VS Real IGET Bar: Bottom

IGET does not currently produce an IGET Bar with a charging port.

About the bottom of the IGET Bar, the genuine IGET Bar does not contain a charging port on the bottom, while the fake IGET Bar bottom does have a charging port.

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IGET Reminders For Vapers

IGET reminds you that you must be wary of counterfeit vape products.

To protect the vaping health and safety of vapers, IGET strongly urges you to choose regular channels to buy genuine vapes for vaping.

IGET Vape Shop is officially authorized to sell only genuine products, has fast logistics, and is committed to being’s most reliable IGET seller!

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