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How Long Does IGET King Last?

I have an IGET King, but it runs out of e-liquid in a few days. I'm curious how long your IGET King devices last.

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James M Mannino

Answered on February 29, 2024

The IGET King has up to 2600 puff count and can last 5-10 days of continuous use.

However, this is only an estimate. We should consider its liquid and battery capacity, as well as your personal vaping frequency.

If you’re a person who doesn’t vape much, it lasts about 10 days.

However, for heavy vapers, the duration of sustainable use of IGET King would be cut in half.

Additionally, how often you use your vape will also affect its lifespan. For this reason, our internal staff conducted a test.

We divided 20 vapers of the IGET King Vapes into two groups. One group was required to take only 300 puffs daily, and the other took 500 puffs.

It was ultimately found that the group that took 300 puffs a day used the IGET King for longer. They used the device for more than a week before they threw it away.

However, the other group ran out of e-liquid in almost 5 days.

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