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How Much Nicotine In IGET King Vape?

IGET King has become less and less available on the market, I've recently thought about buying a new one, is there any specific info on nicotine content?

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Answered on February 28, 2024

An IGET King Vape typically contains 510 mg of nicotine in 8.5 ml of e-liquid. It has a 6% nicotine concentration, which means 60 mg of nicotine in each ml of e-liquid.

It should be mentioned that some manufacturers also offer a 5% nicotine concentration or nicotine-free version.

To clearly know what you are vaping, you must check the package or contact customer service to confirm.

Here is a description of how different nicotine concentrations correspond to different types of nicotine:

  1. Free-based nicotine: Experienced vapers should opt for freebase nicotine as it delivers a stronger and more intense throat hit and tingling sensation, especially at higher concentrations.
  2. Nicotine salts: This version is created by combining nicotine with an acid, such as caprylic acid or citric acid. This results in a smoother flavour, ideal for those who prefer a milder throat sensation.

If your package does not include the nicotine specification, you should contact customer service to know more details.

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