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IGET Bar vs IGET Legend: Exciting 2023 Vape Showdown

The IGET Bar has grown in popularity over the past few years and is now the most popular IGET Vape, closely followed by the IGET Legend. However, which is better, IGET Bar vs IGET Legend?
Here’s what Bar Vape has done to make customers satisfied with vaping.

  • The more compact and portable device
  • Large battery capacity
  • Stronger throat hit
  • A more gorgeous look
  • Most flavours options
  • etc.

The Legend vape also has similar advantages that will please the user and works very well. Please read on in our article and decide which of these two methods is right for you.


IGET has become increasingly popular amongn disposable vape brands in recent years. They have continued releasing various vape models, aiming to provide an even better experience.

This article compares and contrasts these devices, highlighting their (IGET Bar vs IGET Legend) unique selling points and potential drawbacks to guide you in choosing the best vaping device for you in 2023.

IGET Bar Vs IGET Legend: Search Volume Comparison

Analysis Of IGET Bar Search Volume Data
Analysis Of IGET Legend Search Volume Data

According to Google search data statistics, the IGET Bars vape is stealing the spotlight in the vape realm. An astonishing 79K searches per month indicate its rapidly expanding popularity and customer interest.

Meanwhile, despite its unique features, the Legend vape trails behind with a still respectable 42K monthly searches. (This data is from Ahrefs)

Full Comparison Of Details

Next is a comparison of specific parameters:

IGET Bar Disposable Vape
IGET Legend Disposable Vape
3500 vs 4000
Battery1500mAh vs 1350mAh
E-liquid12ml vs 12ml
Flavours30 vs 29
Coil1.2Ohm vs 1.4Ohm
Coil productivity
PortabilitySmall pod shape vs Big pen shape
Airflow3 vs 4
Price$29.9 vs $32.9
Suitable for new vapers
Throat Hit
Powerful throat hit
Smooth vaping

IGET Legend Flavours Vs IGET Bar Flavours


Let’s dive right in and unravel the key distinctions that set IGET Bars and IGET Legends apart. Here’s a quick list:

  1. The IGET Bar has a stronger throat hit, while the Legend will offer a smoother, milder throat hit.
  2. Legend’s coils are more efficient and offer a higher number of Puffs.
  3. The Bar vape has a wider selection of flavours than Legend vape.
  4. The Bar has a more powerful battery than the Legend.
  5. They are made of different materials.
  6. The Bar vape, vibrant and compact, contrasts the Legend’s subtle and larger pen-like elegance.

From a professional stance, we’ll illuminate why the Bar offers a potent throat hit while the Legend serves up a silky taste.

Throat Hit

IGET Bar vs IGET Legend structure-1
IGET Bar vs IGET Legend Structure-2

The throat hit of an e-cigarette, that satisfying sensation in the back of your throat when you inhale, is influenced by various factors, including coil resistance and airflow.

  • Coil Resistance

Low-resistance coils, like the 1.2-ohm coil in the IGET Bars, typically generate more heat. This increased heat vaporizes more e-liquid, thus producing a larger volume of vapour per puff. As a result, IGET Bar’s vapour tends to be warmer and denser, yielding a stronger throat hit. On the other hand, the IGET Legend’s 1.4-ohm coil generates less heat, translating to a cooler and less dense vapour that offers a smoother, milder throat hit.

  • Airflow

IGET Bar’s three airflow ports deliver a denser vapour and a more robust throat hit. IGET Legend’s four ports draw in more cool air, resulting in a milder hit.

  • Shape of device

The compact, pod-like IGET Bar caters to those who prefer intense hits. The pen-shaped IGET Legend leans towards users who enjoy relaxed, smooth vaping.


IGET Bar vs IGET Legend Airflow
  • Coil Resistance

IGET Bar’s lower coil resistance (1.2 ohms) means it produces more vapour, consuming more e-liquid per puff than the IGET Legend (1.4 ohms), reducing the puff count.

  • Airflow Design

IGET Legend’s additional airflow port cools the vapour, using less e-liquid per puff, leading to more total puffs than IGET Bar.

  • Vapour Production

The IGET Bar, with its larger internal heating structure, allows for more air to mix with the vapour during use. This results in more e-liquid being turned into vapour for each puff.

In practice, this means you may get fewer puffs from the IGET Bar compared to the IGET Legend from the same volume of e-liquid, as the Bar uses up the liquid faster per puff.

Battery Life

Turning our attention to battery life, the IGET Bar boasts a 1500mAh battery, slightly larger than the Legend’s 1350mAh capacity. Although seemingly minor, this difference can significantly influence your vaping experience.

A higher battery capacity generally equates to a longer-lasting device between charges. In this case, the IGET Bar, with its 1500mAh battery, may last longer than the Legend under similar usage conditions, providing you with a more uninterrupted vaping experience.

Material Comparison

The IGET Bar, composed of Polycarbonate (PC) and Aluminium (ALU), provides lightweight durability with a sleek appearance. The robustness of the PC and the metallic look of ALU together create a resilient and stylish device.

Conversely, the IGET Legend, made from Aluminium (ALU) and PolyCyclohexylene-dimethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PCTG), offers robustness and versatility. ALU gives it structural integrity and cool touch, while the clear PCTG allows easy visibility of the e-liquid level, enhancing its user-friendliness.

IGET Bar Vs IGET Legend: Which Is The Best For You?

IGET Legend Vs IGET Bar: Which Is Better?

Let’s discuss a choice you might be grappling with – the IGET Bar vs IGET Legend. Both are commendable in their own right, but which one would suit you best? Let’s break it down.

You might find yourself gravitating towards the IGET Bar if:

  • You seek a strong throat hit from vaping.
  • Compactness and discretion are important to you as an on-the-go vaper.
  • Long battery life is a priority
  • Your palate is adventurous and ready for new flavours.
  • Your e-cigarette matches your vibrant, trendy style.

IGET Bar Bundle (5PCS)

$139.90 $174.95
Free Shipping Bundle
Package Includes:
5 x IGET Bar 3500 Puffs ( Mixed Flavours Options)

IGET Bar Mixed Flavours Box (10PCS)

$259.90 $349.90
Free Shipping Bundle
Package Includes:
10 x IGET Bar 3500 Puffs ( Mixed Flavours Options)

On the flip side, the IGET Legend could be your go-to if:

  • You prefer a gentle, soothing sensation from vaping.
  • A larger, substantial device is to your liking.
  • Practical design aspects, like visible e-liquid levels, matter to you.
  • You appreciate a sleek, minimalist aesthetic in your device.
5PCS IGET Legend
10PCS IGET Legend

IGET Legend Bundle (5PCS)

$149.90 $199.90
Free Shipping Bundle
Package Includes:
5 x IGET Legend 4000 Puffs ( Mixed Flavours Options)

IGET Legend Mixed Flavours Box (10PCS)

$279.90 $399.90
Free Shipping Bundle
Package Includes:
10 x IGET Legend 4000 Puffs ( Mixed Flavours Options)


If you’re ready to choose, I recommend the IGET Bar vape. It’s a shining star in the IGET vape series, delivering impressive performance overall.

With a powerful throat hit, sleek design, extended battery life, and many flavours to explore, it’s a device that doesn’t compromise. The robust PC and ALU construction looks great and ensures it’s ready to keep up with your lifestyle.

So, if you’re after a disposable vape that flawlessly marries versatility with quality, you can’t go past the IGET Bar.

Why wait? Experience the difference with IGET Vape. Hop onto our IGET Vape online shop and pick your IGET Bar today, mate! See you there!


What is the best IGET model?

The IGET Bar is the best IGET model, closely followed by the IGET Legend.

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