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How To Use IGET Legend: 3 Important Things You Must Know

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If you are recently planning to buy or have already bought IGET Legend and want to learn about it as soon as possible, then this article will help you clearly understand how to use IGET Legend vape. In this article, you will be able to learn the knowledge about this vape as follows:

  1. Preparation before use
  2. Tips for use
  3. Precautions after use

Want to know more details about using the methods of IGET Legend? Read on below!


Nowadays, IGET is a very popular vape brand among vapers, with the vape being a popular vape among the general public. However, first-time users and people interested in IGET Legend vaping do not know how to use IGET Legends. This article introduces IGET Legends information in detail, such as the preparation before the use of vapes, tips on the use of vapes and the precautions after the use of vapes and other knowledge. Read on with me!

How To Use IGET Legend: Preparation Before Use

You need to be aware of three important things before using a vape that will help you vape the IGET Legend vape without any problems.

Checking for foreign bodies in the mouth

In the process of vaping, if you want to taste the smooth-flavour vape and gulp the vapour safely, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of whether there is a foreign body in the mouth.

If there is a foreign body in your mouth, the vapour from the vape may not be produced perfectly and smoothly, and the foreign body in your mouth may even impact your physical safety.

Therefore, ensuring your mouth is free of foreign bodies can remove certain safety risks. Common foreign bodies in the mouth are chewing gum and candy, etc. Make sure your mouth is free of these foreign bodies.

Do not leave IGET Legend in a hot environment for a long time

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Vape e-liquid is, after all, an e-liquid that easily evaporates and oxidizes. Therefore, it is very sensitive to sunlight and temperature. Then when storing the vapes should be careful to put them in a cool and light-proof place, and do not leave them in a hot environment for a long time so as not to be unusable.

The storage temperature of vapes is generally 15 ℃ to 25 ℃. Please try to store the vapes in this temperature range, do not put them for a long time in the outdoor high temperature of the car and other places.

Observe your IGET Legends

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Why your new IGET Legend is not working?

After you receive the vape, please pay attention to four issues:

  • Is the IGET 4000 broken?
  • Is there any e-liquid leakage from the IGET Legends?
  • Do the vape IGET legends have electricity?
  • Is the vape genuine?

When you find the appearance of IGET Vape Legend is damaged and there is e-liquid leakage, please stop using the product. A damaged and leaking vape has a safety hazard, which may be caused by shipping goods or external collision.

The IGET Legend battery life is relatively long, with a 1350mAh battery (usage varies from person to person). When you use your newly purchased IGET Vape Legends for the first time and notice a constant flashing blue light at the bottom, this is a sign of a damaged battery, which may have been caused by damage in transit.

The authenticity of IGET 4000 can be easily understood through the official website. There are many fake imitations of Legend Vape on the market. Fortunately, you can go to the regular official website channel to buy to avoid buying fake products. If you want to know the IGET Legend price, you can refer to the unit price of the product below.

Peach Strawberry Ice – IGET Legend 4000 Puffs

$39.99 $70.00
The IGET Legend Peach Strawberry Ice delivers a smooth and icy vape experience, perfectly balancing the sweet and tangy notes of peach and strawberry.

How To Use IGET Legend: Tips for use

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When using IGET Vape Legend, you need to pay attention to the following five tips that can help you enjoy the process of vaping IGET Legend more comfortably.

Adjust the tilt angle of the IGET Legend vape

You will find that when you tilt the vape upwards at 45°, the vapour from the e-cigarettes flows very smoothly, which allows the IGET Legend puffs 4000 to produce vapour smoothly. At the same time, your neck will be in a more relaxed state.

No upside-down vape sticks

Since vape does not require an open flame, many vapers are not too particular about their vaping posture and often have their sticks upside down. When using a vape, if you leave the stick upside down for a long time, the e-liquid will easily flow into your mouth because of gravity.

Do not block the small hole next to the vape stick

When you do the vaping action, air will enter through the intake hole, and then the vapour will be output. If the inlet hole is blocked, it will make it difficult for air to enter and the vape will not work properly.

Preventing e-liquid leakage from IGET Legends

When vaping continuously, if you find the stem hot, please wait for it to cool down before continuing to vape. Otherwise, e-liquid leakage will occur.

Maintain a moderate vaping speed

Many people who use IGET Legend 4000 Puffs will habitually inhale hard to feel the strongest atomization experience. In fact, too much suction can lead to the opposite effect. Sucking too hard can cause the vapour not to be fully heated and atomized by the atomizer. Therefore, we recommend you not take a big, fast puff but a small, slow puff (2-3 seconds per puff) for the best IGET Legend flavours. Also, full atomization of the vapour will prevent incomplete atomized vapour from inhaling into your mouth.

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How To Use IGET Legend: Precautions after use

After using the IGET Legend, you must also pay attention to some vape matters related to the vape‘s re-use and life. Please be sure to comply with these.

Cleaning method

Prohibit rinsing with water to clean IGET Legend. Use a cotton cloth to wipe it if you need to clean it.

Pay attention to the storage of IGET Vape Legend

After each use of IGET Vape Legend, please do not throw it away freely. Please keep it in a cool, light-proof place like a drawer. Also, please do not put the vape where children can reach it.


These are the three important things you must know about IGET Legend. We believe that IGET Legend vape consumers will be rewarded after being clear about how to use IGET Legend, such as what to do before, during and after using IGET Legend. If this article is useful, please comment or share it with those who need it!

If you’re considering venturing into the world of vaping, make your start with us – an authorised IGET Vape licensee. We provide comprehensive information on flavour profiles and pricing, ensuring you’re well-equipped to make an informed choice.

How to use IGET Legend: FAQ

Why is my IGET Legend leaking?

When you find that your IGET Legend vape is leaking e-liquid, this is because your vape may have been damaged by a collision in the usual way, which eventually leads to the leakage phenomenon.

Why Is IGET Legend Not Hitting?

There are several reasons why your IGET Legend may not be hitting.

The battery needs a break. Often, when you vape for too long, the battery needs a break as well. At this time, put your Legend down for a while and then come back and check it out. Take a puff and see if it starts to kick in.

Running out of vape fluid. The original IGET Legend comes pre-filled with 12ml of e-liquid, which will allow most people to use the vape for at least a few days, but the exact amount of time you use it will vary from person to person.

Depleted or low battery. You need to check if your Legend battery is running. Battery life and e-liquid energy can run along similar lines, or they can shut down at the same time.

Why is my IGET Legend flashing blue?

When you use your new IGET Legend for the first time and notice that the bottom light is constantly flashing blue, this could be a sign of a damaged battery. When this happens, please get in touch with customer service for consultation for further assistance. In contrast, when smoking a vape, a steady blue light is a normal sign, so please do not worry.

👉 Why IGET Bar Vape Flashing Blue – This will be helpful if your IGET Bar is flashing blue.

How to recharge IGET Legend?

IGEt Legend, as a disposable vape, can also not be recharged, so we do not recommend you to open IGET Legend 4000 Puffs.

How to make an IGET Legend work when not blowong smoke?

This is an unreasonable working condition because IGET Legend is a disposable vape device to provides a cigarette-like smoking sensation to meet the needs of smokers, The normal working condition is to be able to smoke vapour, so IGET Legend Vape can not be done without smoke but work, unless the device malfunctions, such as the mouthpiece clogging caused by the inability to produce vapour.

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