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IGET Bar Plus V2 Review

2024 IGET Bar Plus V2 Review: Monitor Safe Vaping Anytime!

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Are you looking for a rechargeable high-performance vape, and are the pods directly replaceable? The 2024 IGET Bar Plus V2 from IGET Vapes might be the one for you. As the new IGET Bar Plus series member, it features intelligence, safety, large capacity, diverse flavours, and high-cost performance. It is mainly embodied in the following 4 aspects:

  • Smart LED Display tracks usage status in time
  • Child Lock creates a safe and protective barrier
  • 20mg/ml nicotine for an ideal vaping experience
  • A larger 650mAh battery capacity increases the possibility of long-lasting vaping

So, to help you purchase the IGET Bar Plus V2 better, our team at IGET Vapes Shop has purchased this product and reviewed its appearance, design, performance, flavours and more. The IGET Bar Plus V2 Review is the first of its kind on the web, so be sure to read it to the end!

IGET Bar Plus V2 Basic Information


“IGET Bar Plus refill”? The IGET Bar Plus V2 is a rechargeable, disposable pod vape compatible with IGET 6000 Puff Pods. It is based on the Vape IGET Bar Plus upgrade, which introduces a larger 650mAh battery capacity, 20mg of nicotine content, a smart display, and Child Lock features to provide a more compact, longer-lasting, safer, and more cost-effective e-cigarette experience. It can be used by both beginners and experienced vapers!

👉 Specifications:

  • Flavors: 20
  • Puffs: 6000+
  • E-Liquid Capacity:16ml
  • Nicotine content: 20mg/ml
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Coil Resistance: 1.4Ω
  • Pod: IGET Bar Puff Pods
  • Price: $30~$50

IGET Bar Plus V2 Review: Appearance and Design


The IGET Bar Plus V2 is similar in basic construction to the IGET Bar Plus. However, the “V2” upgrades speak for themselves, so let’s look at the cosmetic improvements.

The IGET Bar Plus V2 Kit features a logo design with “IGET Bar Plus” in personalized graffiti colours on the outer shell. The overall appearance features more than 10 colours to match the flavour profile. The bar has changed from a cylindrical shape to a rectangular, high-capacity design that is comfortable to hold and easy to carry.

The top nozzle has an ergonomic flat shape. When inhaling, the sensor detects the airflow and activates the heating element, converting the e-liquid stored in the IGET Bar Plus 6000 Puffs Refill Pods into inhaled vapour. A 650mAh removable battery port is attached to the side, while the Type-C charging port is at the bottom. The new black smart battery status display at the bottom of the front and the button to disengage the childproof lock are most noticeable. Overall, the design is simple and smarter.

🔔 Note: The IGET Bar Plus V2 Battery should only be disassembled for recycling by professionals trained in lithium-ion battery handling.

IGET Bar Plus V2 Review: Performance

Does the IGET Bar Plus V2 combine functionality with style? Read on for the IGET Bar Plus V2 review below!

1. Smart LED Display: Keep Track Of Vaping

IGET Bar Plus V2 Review IGET Bar Plus V2 Performance

The Smart Display snugly rests at the device’s base, offering a brief yet clear glimpse of the battery status. Although it’s displayed for a short period of time, you can still revisit it after the battery goes out.

A lightning bolt icon in the upper right corner and a column of coloured arrows rising gracefully along the rightmost logo provide a personalized visual cue. This intuitive setup dissipates the anxiety caused by a sudden battery drain. I don’t have to worry about suddenly running out of battery anymore.

When fully charged, the colourful arrow icon indicates the device is ready to vape. When charging, the flashing thunderbolt charging icon indicates it is charging, and the icon stops flashing when it is full. When in use, you can keep track of your device’s usage and ensure an adequate supply of power to enjoy vaping.

2. Child Lock: Ensure A Safer And Protective Barrier

IGET Bar Plus V2 Review Child Lock

The IGET Bar Plus V2 updates a Child Lock that prevents children from accidentally activating the device, thus increasing the safety of vaping.

Although it may cause a bit hassles, please remember to unlock it before use. With this feature, there is no need to hide the device in a cabinet when children are around. This optimized feature perfectly balances safety and convenience.

🔔 Note: Please try to press the button on the bottom front of the device 5 times quickly within 5 seconds to disengage the Child Lock function. It will lock automatically when you stop using it for 10 minutes.

3. Larger Battery Capacity: Allow For Longer Vaping

IGET Bar Plus V2 Review Larger Battery Capacity

When I use the IGET Bar Plus, I can usually vape for about 2-3 days to recharge, but with the IGET Bar Plus V2 being 50mAh larger than the IGET Bar Plus Kit’s 600mAh battery, I find that I can vape for 3-4 days, allowing for longer vaping.

When the battery is below 20%, it can be rapidly charged via the Type-C port and fully charged in about 30 minutes, which is convenient and practical. It’s nice to take it on a short trip!

Besides that, the IGET Bar Plus V2 Kit follows the following IGET Bar Plus Kit properties:

4. Replaceable Pods: Enjoy A Cost-effective Vaping

IGET Bar Plus V2 Review Replaceable Pods

The device has a large 16ml capacity for an extended vaping experience. When you run out of oil, replacing IGET Bar Plus Pods is effortless, one after the other.

You don’t have to worry. There are more than 20 choices. The interchangeable pods further expand the flavour possibilities. It’s cost-effective, and there’s no need to buy a new unit when you run out.

🔔 Note: The bottom of the Pod cartridge is magnetic and can be ejected with a simple push. The vaping bomb is not tight inside, but the magnet holds it in place well without wobbling.

5. Advanced Mesh Coil Technology: Provide Consistent Vaping Effortlessly

IGET Bar Plus V2 Review Advanced Mesh Coil Technology

You don’t have to vape as hard as you would if you were drinking the black pearls from your milk tea through a straw. Because the advanced mesh coil employed inside it can be activated quickly, the vapour enters your mouth almost effortlessly. I would say the sucking process is very smooth without jams.

6. 20 Flavours: Satisfy The Various Needs Of Taste

IGET Bar Plus V2 Review Flavours

In addition, IGET Bar Plus V2’s 20 flavours can be used with a moderate nicotine content of 20mg/ml, making its overall taste more balanced and clear. That’s one of my favourite things about it.

Through the personal experience of 6 members of our team, both single and compound flavours enable users to feel the enhanced layers and finesse of flavours more profoundly when vaping, and the flavours can last in the mouth after vaping. Therefore, we will share the 3 best IGET Bar Plus V2 flavours with you.

🥇 Top 1: Blackberry
Recommended Reason: Sweet and tart with just the right amount of intensity, with just the right amount of mint flavour and coolness.

🥈 Top 2: Apple
Recommended Reason: Fresh, sweet and refreshing!

🥉 Top 3: Blueberry Raspberry
Recommended Reason:
Strong flavour with a nice cool aftertaste.

Pros and Cons

Overall, this vape’s design, performance, and flavour are good, so based on the IGET Bar Plus V2 review, I have summarized the Pros and Cons information.


  • Intelligent LED display
  • Child Lock Higher safety
  • 18ml Larger capacity
  • 6000 Puffs Pod Replaceable
  • Fast-chargeable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cost-effectiveness


  • No airflow adjustment
  • Dependence on Pods
  • Insufficient battery capacity

IGET Plus V2 For Sale

Is the IGET Vape Bar Plus V2 worth buying? Based on 6 members of our team’s hands-on vaping experience with the IGET Bar Plus V2. This section combines our reviews and some feedback from users for reference.

Battery Life6/10
Structure Design9/10
Structure Quality8/10
Puff Accuracy9/10
Flavour Accuracy8/10
Flavour Option8/10
Nicotine Content9/10
Overall Score9/10

Based on the above summary of the features of the IGET Bar Plus V2 review, the following groups of people are well-suited to use it:

  • For people who like intelligent devices
  • People who require higher security for their devices
  • For people who prefer a high-volume vaping experience
  • People with a moderate preference for nicotine content
  • People who are looking for a cost-effective

Its 6000 puffs lifespan and convenient battery display make it more economical than other Pod Vapes, and I tried a variety of flavours.

–From Juliet

It’s easy to use for travelling, and its shape, despite being a bit large, doesn’t feel like it slips off as easily when I pick it up.

–From Robby

I don’t like too much nicotine, and it meets my taste needs without being too strong.

–From Adam


This article mainly concerns the appearance of the design, taste, features, and other aspects.

When combined with our real experience in the IGET Bar Plus V2 review, we believe that IGET Bar Plus V2 is suitable for people who like a smart, personalized, high-capacity, cost-effective, safe vaping experience and people with a moderate preference for nicotine content. It is also able to meet the user’s diversified taste needs.

The IGET Bar Plus V2 is an excellent vape-buying option that is compatible with functionality and style. We hope that this IGET Bar Plus V2 review will help you purchase the ideal vape. You can also click on “IGET Vape near me” to learn more!

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