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IGET Moon Review

IGET Moon Review 2024: Latest, Colorful & Long-lasting

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As a professional vape reviewer, when I saw that IGET had released the IGET Moon, I immediately bought one to try it out. Let’s take an IGET Moon review next!

The IGET Moon K5000, with its striking double-sided touch design, boasts an upgraded 1,750mAh battery for up to 5,000 puffs and a 1.35Ω mesh coil for enhanced flavour and vapour.

If you’re a vaper who appreciates flavour and enjoys a substantial amount of vapour, this is a product you shouldn’t overlook!

IGET Moon Basic Information

The IGET Moon is a highly innovative IGET disposable vape that has been improved and enhanced in many ways. Its gorgeous two-colour casing, lightweight and portable shape, and high-capacity battery have captivated vapers, and many have been raving about it. I wrote this review to provide a reference for vapers who want to buy IGET Moon. Before I start reviewing the IGET Moon, let me take a look at the basic specifications of the IGET Moon K5000.


  • Nicotine: 5% (50mg/ml)
  • Puff: Up to 5000 Puffs
  • Size: 49.5×25.3×99.4mm
  • E-liquid: 13ml
  • Battery: 1750mAh
  • Mesh Coil: 1.35Ω
  • Net weight: 81.5g
  • Material: PC

IGET Moon Review: Innovative And Unique Design

Ink-splattered Two-colour Case

The shape of the IGET Moon Vapes is one of its brightest innovations. It subverts the classic monobloc design with a smooth side and a splatter-painted side with a striking shape that catches the consumer’s eye at first glance.

With the vibrant colours of the IGET Moon vapes, vapers should be eye-catching in their hands and trend-setting for vapes.

IGET Moon Review appearance

Lightweight and Portable Styling

With a light weight of 81.5 grams and dimensions of 49.5×25.3×99.4 mm, the IGET Moon is compact and lightweight, providing vapers with a comfortable grip and ease of portability to enjoy vaping anytime.

Its pebble-shaped cartridge and various colours of drip tips also make it more comfortable for vapers to touch and inhale.

IGET Moon Review weight

IGET Moon Review: Pros And Cons

iget moon variable product
IGET Moon 5000 Puffs
  • Mesh Coils
  • Large E-liquid Capacity
  • High Capacity Battery
  • Smooth Throat Hit
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Unchargeable

IGET Moon Review: High Quality And Stable Performance

Newly Upgraded Flavour And Texture

Through the IGET Moon review, I found that the 1.35Ω coil used in the IGET Moon Vape allows for a larger inhale from the mouth to the lungs, making it a great choice for high-nicotine vapes.

The mesh coils also have a larger surface area, providing a stronger, more effective hit for better flavour and vapour than similar products. And it also offers more even heating for a purer flavour and improved vaping experience.

This vape suits people who like pure taste and want a large volume of smoke. If you enjoy being surrounded by aroma and smoke around the tip of your nose while vaping, then the IGET Moon is the perfect device for you.

IGET Moon Review performance

Sufficient Power Without Anxiety

The IGET Moon K5000 has a built-in 1750mAh battery this time, and although it’s a disposable vape, the high-capacity battery allows users to get full use out of it without worrying about charging it. In addition, it can provide over 5000 puffs.

After the IGET Moon review, I found that it can last up to a week for heavy vapers and two weeks or more for casual vapers.

If you are a vaper who travels a lot or goes on business trips, your busy schedule may make you forget to charge your vape. When you want to relax and find that your vape is out of battery, it may become an unhappy moment in your day.

At this time, the advantages of IGET Moon come out: its high-capacity battery can continue to work for at least a week, so you don’t have to worry about whether the vape will run out of power when you are busy.

You can also take it out and enjoy it anytime when you want to vape so that you can experience a moment of pleasure.

IGET Moon Review battery

IGET Moon Flavour List

IGET Moons offer 13 different flavours, providing vapers with various choices to meet their preferences. Check out the following list to see if there are flavours that you like or frequently consume!

  • Banana Ice
  • Blueberry Raspberry Ice
  • Grape Ice
  • Passion Fruit Kiwi Guava Ice
  • Peach Apple Ice
  • Pineapple Kiwi Ice
  • Pomegranate Kiwi Ice
  • Strawberry Kiwi Ice
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Double Apple Ice
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Watermelon Apple
  • Golden Tobacco

If you like the feeling of sweet fruits combined with a cold, refreshing sensation, you can choose the Fruit Ice flavour. You can also select those two mixed fruit flavours to experience pure flavour. You can use Golden Tobacco if you like the taste of tobacco.

Of the 13 flavours, strawberry kiwi ice, strawberry watermelon, and passion fruit kiwi guava ice are the most hotly discussed on the internet. The purchasing rate is very high, which is very popular among vapers.

Therefore, I recommend these three flavours for your reference as well:


Strawberry Kiwi Ice – IGET Moon 5000 Puffs


Dennis reviewed it and found it to be an irresistible flavour.

“It has just the right amount of acidity and sweetness neutralized, and with the icy sensation.”
He thinks this is a flavour worth trying for all vapers.

Strawberry Watermelon – IGET Moon 5000 Puffs


Ashling finds this one to be a mouth-watering mix of juicy, crisp watermelon and sweet apple.

It doesn’t have a kick, making it great for newbies or vapers who like to experience pure fruit flavours.

Passion Fruit Kiwi Guava Ice – IGET Moon 5000 Puffs


Leo found Passion Fruit Kiwi Guava Ice to be refreshing and energizing.

The three fruit flavours bring out the sweetness, while the refreshing coolness is a counterbalance, making it sweet but not cloying.

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IGET Moon Maintenance And Preservation Methods

  1. Keep the vape dry and clean, as humidity and moisture will destroy the circuit board and electronic components.
  2. Avoid high-temperature environments. The battery and circuit components of the vape are sensitive to high temperatures, so avoid direct sunlight and exposure to heat sources.
  3. The electronic cigarette casing is easily damaged, so avoid dropping and colliding with it.
  4. When not in use, you can use a protective case to store and carry it out with a soft cloth to wipe off the dust or dirt on the device to maintain the quality of disposable vapes.

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  2. How To Recharge IGET Moon: 6 Steps To Quickly Get It Done.


Below, I will compare IGET Moon with IGET Bar to better understand the similarities and differences between the two so that you can understand how to choose the right vape for you.

IGET Bar Plus vs IGET BarAppearance
 IGET Moon 5000 Puffs
Ice Cream - IGET Bar 3500
5000 vs 3500
Battery1750mAh vs 1500mAh
E-liquid13ml vs 12ml
Flavour13 vs 30
Price$34.9 vs $29.9
Throat Hit
Smooth vaping
Powerful throat hit

As you can see from this comparison, the IGET Moon is superior to the IGET Bar in some ways. IGET Moon has a larger battery capacity and delivers over 5,000 puffs for a longer-lasting vaping experience.

In addition, its mesh coils enhance the flavour and provide a smoother hit, giving vapers a better flavour and vapour. If you prefer a consistent and high-quality vaping experience, the IGET Moons is perfect.

Of course, if you prefer a vape with a little more throat hit, you can choose the IGET Bar, which is also a great product.


Above is the full IGET Moon review. Its unique design, high-capacity battery, over 5000 puffs, rich flavours, and high performance are all amazing. If you are also interested in this product and want to experience the flavours of different vapes, visit the IGET Vapes.

FAQ About IGET Moon

What is the best flavour of IGET Moon?

Strawberry Watermelon is one of the best flavours offered by IGET Moon.

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