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IGET Halo Review: 5 Crucial Points About the Newest Pod Vape

IGET Halo Review: 5 Crucial Points About the Newest Pod Vape

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As dedicated fans of IGET, we have eagerly awaited many new products. We finally welcome the arrival of the latest pod vape – the IGET Halo Kit. This new product was launched in March 2024. What special features does this revolutionary disposable charging e-cigarette offer? Let’s explore together:

  • Unique: Colorful, liquid-like design
  • Efficiently: Convenient & Fast Charging
  • User-friendly: Removable & Replaceable Pod
  • Safer Experience: A child lock
  • 1.25Ω Mesh Coil Upgrade

If you’re intrigued by the IGET Halo Kit’s robust features and want to give it a try, the IGET Vapes team has prepared an in-depth IGET Halo review for you. We’ll assess the product based on five aspects: aesthetics, cost, performance, flavour, and user experience. This approach will deliver the most genuine user experience. Don’t miss out!

IGET Halo Overview & Basic Information

The IGET Halo Vape Kit, with its rechargeable, disposable pod vape and 500mAh battery capacity, offers rapid Type-C charging. It features a 1.25Ω mesh coil and an intelligent child lock. The new IGET Halo 3000 Closed Pod Vape has a 9 ml E-liquid capacity with 28.5 mg/ml nicotine strength, ideal for both experienced vapers and newcomers. If you’re an IGET Bar Plus Vape user, consider trying the new IGET Pod Vape to explore a different vaping experience.


IGET Halo Review:Specifications
  • Nicotine salts: 28.5mg/ml
  • Puffs: 3000puffs
  • E-liquid: 9ml
  • Charging port: Type-C
  • Net Weight: 25.4g (Pod) + 27.2g (Pod device)
  • Coil Resistance: 1.25ohm
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Size: 21.5×41×61.1(Device)mm/21.5×41×55.2(Pod)mm
  • Packing: 1 x IGET HALO KP3000 Disposable Pod Device
  • Price: Vape Kit-$19.9, Replacement Pod-$9.90

Appearance And Design

The IGET Halo Kit device boasts a truly unique appearance unlike anything you’ve seen before. Its design mimics the mesmerizing, dynamic movement of flowing liquid in an array of vibrant colours. Not only does it provide a stunning visual effect, but it also adds an element of individuality and flair to the overall look of the device. The device body features a sleek design and compact size, making it easy to carry and use on the go.

The device features a simple, compact design without unnecessary edges, making it easy to carry and use outdoors. The button at its centre is paired with an indicator light. The button’s concave arc shape is designed to fit the finger comfortably, while the white and red indicator lights clearly display the vaping status.

The IGET Halo Replacement Pods feature a translucent mouthpiece for aesthetics and comfort. Its surface has an engraving signifying the contained flavour, with the colour matching the body for easy identification. This design balances visual appeal with functionality, reflecting the brand’s dedication to a user-friendly experience.

IGET Halo Review:button and mouthpiece

IGET Halo Review: Four Outstanding Features

1. User-friendly: Removable & Replaceable Pod

The IGET Halo Vape Kit, featuring a sleek body and detachable IGET Halo Pod, is perfect for vaping enthusiasts. The pod is simple to replace once the 9ml e-liquid is used up. Users who have experience with the IGET Bar Plus and IGET Bar Plus Pods will find this feature familiar! It elevates your vaping experience by allowing for smooth flavour transitions. You can switch between flavours based on your mood or preference, making each vaping session unique.

With the IGET Halo Kit, you can select from any of the 13 flavoured pods and enjoy each flavour’s unique vaping experience!

IGET Halo Review:Removable & Replaceable Pod

2. Safer Experience: A Child Lock

The IGET Halo kit is designed with a critical safety feature—a child lock. This feature is specifically engineered to significantly enhance the device’s safety by preventing accidental usage. Moreover, it serves the dual function of conserving battery life by averting unnecessary battery drainage.

The child lock feature is user-friendly and can be quickly activated or deactivated. To use this feature, press the button five times within a five-second span. In addition, the device has an automatic shutdown feature. If the device isn’t used for ten minutes, it will automatically power down. This aids in prolonging your device’s battery life.

IGET Halo Review:A child lock

3. Convenient & Fast Charging

The IGET Halo 3000 is a high-quality, rechargeable device equipped with the latest technology for an optimal user experience. Its 500mAh battery ensures prolonged use and fewer charges. The device also supports fast charging through a Type-C port for quick and effortless power-ups. The reversible plug further enhances its user-friendly design. Overall, the IGET Halo Vape Kit can quickly satisfy your long-term vaping needs.

IGET Halo Review:Convenient & Fast Charging

4. 1.25Ω Mesh Coil Upgrade

The IGET Halo Kit’s coil upgrade, featuring a 1.25Ω mesh coil, is designed for optimal efficiency. This upgrade promotes uniform heating, enhancing both flavour and vapour production. It also extends the coil’s lifespan by reducing the risk of premature burnout. In short, the IGET Halo Kit coil upgrade is a great choice for those looking to improve their vaping experience and increase the lifespan of their device.

IGET Halo Review: Vaping Experience

The IGET Halo Device Kit stands out for its convenient charging, user-friendly replaceable pod system, safety features, and efficient coil upgrade. It provides an unrivalled vaping experience, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned vapers and beginners.

The IGET team’s assessment members, drawing from their real usage experience, provided the most objective, comprehensive score for the IGET Halo review.

  • Apprance:★★★★☆ 4.0
  • Price:★★★★☆ 4.0
  • Performance:★★★★☆ 4.5
  • Taste:★★★☆☆ 3.0
  • User experience:★★★★☆ 4.0

KiaraMuller0511: It looks super posh and feels nice to touch!

The matte shell is elegant, comfortable, and anti-slip. Its embossed logo gives it a premium feel, and the buttons are easy to touch. The pod ejection system is simple.

The_anonymous_lee: Despite the high flavour quality, the variety could be better.

I’ve sampled various IGET Halo flavours, favouring Spearmint and Watermelon. Spearmint is refreshing, and Watermelon is sweet, unlike traditional cigarettes. However, the fruit focus of the 13 flavours can feel repetitive and less exciting for a former smoker.

The comments mentioned above are from the social networking site, Reddit(

IGET Halo Kit User Guide

Once we understand the basic information about the IGET Halo 3000 puffs, we will explore its usage together. This will ensure its correct and safe use after purchase. Here are the steps to use the IGET Halo Kit:

IGET Halo Review:IGET Halo Kit User Guide
  1. Remove the Pod from the IGET Halo starter kit (the button will flash red at this time).
  2. Tear off the white seal at the bottom of the Pod and then open the silicone plug of the mouthpiece.
  3. Insert the Pod back into the device.
  4. Unlock the device by pressing the round button five times within five seconds.
  5. Start vaping when the button flashes white.
  6. The device will automatically shut down after 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can manually turn off the device by pressing the round button five times in succession.

If you notice a decrease in the suction of your IGET Halo or if there is no smoke, it likely means that the 9mL of e-liquid has been used up. In this case, simply remove the pod and replace it with another pod of a flavour you enjoy!

Pros And Cons

IGET Halo product image
IGET Halo KP3000 Puffs Kit
  • Unique and stylish design
  • Rechargeable disposable vape
  • Compatible with IGET Halo Pod
  • Upgraded to a 1.25Ω Mesh Coil
  • Features a child lock for safety
  • The most cost-effective Pod Vape
  • Limited flavour variety, primarily fruity
  • Medium nicotine concentration

Where To Buy IGET Halo?

You can purchase the IGET Halo and Bar Plus Vape from various online retailers and local IGET Vape near me. Ensure to compare prices and buy the IGET Halo Kit from official and legitimate channels to avoid purchasing counterfeit products.

At present, the IGET Halo Kit is a hot seller in the IGET Vape shop. The kit is priced as low as $19.9, and the replacement Pod is only $9.9. We welcome both new and existing customers to make a purchase. As supplies are limited, don’t delay—place your order now!


The IGET Halo KP3000 puffs kit is suitable for the following groups of people:

  • Vapers who seek a high-cost-performance vape device.
  • Vapers who enjoy trying different flavours.
  • Vapers who prioritize safe vaping and have children or pets at home.
  • Vapers who prefer large vapour and desire a pure taste.

Introducing the new IGET Halo 3000 Closed Pod Vape, a game-changing vaping device designed with safety, convenience, and a vast selection of flavours to meet the varied needs of vapers. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a newcomer, the IGET Halo 3000 aims to enhance your vaping experience. Step into the world of premium vaping with IGET Vapes Online Shop. We assure you nothing but 100% authentic products and a hassle-free one-year warranty!

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