IGET Goat is an adjustable airflow disposable vape from IGET, allowing you to customize the amount of vapour according to your preference. The 1800 mAh battery ensures a constant supply of 5000 puffs, making it easy to enjoy individual puffs on the go.


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FAQs About IGET Vapes Goat

The IGET Goat offers 5000 Puffs, and features buttons for adjustable airflow and three modes to choose from.

IGET Goat Vape offers 5% (50mg/ml) and 0% (0mg/ml) nicotine levels.

The IGET Goat is a disposable vape that contains an 1350 mAh battery and delivers up to 5000 puffs. Depending on the frequency and intensity of use, it can last from several days to weeks. Below are some reference values calculated based on usage frequency:

  • If used at a frequency of 200 puffs per day, it can last for 25 days.
  • If used at a frequency of 500 puffs per day, it can last for 10 days.
  • If used at a frequency of 800 puffs per day, it can last for 6-7 days.
  • If used at a frequency of 1000 puffs per day, it can last for 5 days.
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As a disposable vape, the usage of IGET Goat is very simple:

  1. Unwrap the packaging
  2. Like smoking a traditional cigarette, draw a breath through the mouthpiece
  3. Then exhale

It’s that convenient, with no complex setups or refilling required.

How to Use the IGET Goat Airflow Adjustment

IGET Goat Vape

The airflow switch of IGET Goat is located at the bottom, as shown in the diagram. To adjust it, you just need to slide it to the corresponding airflow position.

No, IGET Goat is not a rechargeable vape. For design disposable vape device.

Here are the IGET Goat price lists:

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