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why IGET Goat leaking

Why Is IGET Goat Leaking? 5 Minutes To Help You Solve It

Are you still confused about why your IGET Goat is leaking? Don’t worry! Here’s a guide to help you clarify it in 5 minutes!

Here are the 3 most common reasons for IGET Goat Leaking:

  • Inappropriate Preservation
  • Wrong Vaping Ways
  • Units Damage

Go on reading to know the relevant solutions!


IGET Goat is a disposable vape belonging to IGET Vape, a prominent brand across.

We’ve received customer feedback about the IGET Goat leaking problem. Here’s a guide to help you find the cause and solutions.

What Is Goats Leak?

what is IGET Goat leaking

Have you ever met any of these puzzling situations while using IGET Goat Vape?

  1. A few drops of deep-coloured liquid around the mouthpiece or air inlets
  2. While vaping, some sweet-flavoured liquid flows into your mouth.
  3. A large amount of deep-coloured liquid leaks
  4. While vaping, some viscous liquid with a strange smell flows into your mouth.

Situations 1 & 2 – Condensation

Condensation is often mistaken for e-liquid leakage but slightly influences vaping.

When cold air meets the residual vapour inside the vape, it condenses into a few drops of deep-coloured liquid that flow into your mouth.

Situations 3 & 4 – E-Liquid leakage

You can confirm that your IGET Goat leaks.

Why Is My IGET Goat Leaking?

Here are some common reasons for IGET Goats Leaking:

1. Inappropriate Preservation

Improper preservation usually includes 3 conditions:

High Temperatures

Exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight causes the e-liquid to decompose and evaporate before vaping. At last, it turns into e-liquid drops leakage.

High-Pressure Environment

For example, a plane at a high altitude would cause an air pressure difference, which forces e-liquid to flow out.

IGET Goat leaking caused by high temperature high pressure environment

Wrong Placement

Most vape pens need to be placed upright. If you place it upside down or horizontally, the e-liquid may spill or flow out of the vape.

IGET Goat leaking due to wrong holding way

2. Wrong Vaping Ways

Exceeding vaping time or vaping strength results in insufficient vaporization of e-liquid. When vaping, e-liquid may leak into your mouth without being vaporized.

IGET Goat leaking due to long vaping time

3. Units Damage: Dropping & Cracking

Dropping and cracking are also common reasons why IGET Goat leaks.


An accidental dropping will cause the vape to be broken inside. The e-liquid may flow into the atomizer, coil or even battery, damaging the functions and putting you at risk.


Damage often happens when the vape gets knocked about, like when it accidentally hits the corner of a table.

This can cause the mouthpiece to break off from the main body of the vape, which could lead to e-liquid leaking out from the break.

IGET Goat leaking caused by dropping and cracking
How To Prevent And Solve IGET Goat Vape Leaking?
After clarifying why it leaking, let’s move on to the solutions.
How To Fix A Damaged IGET Goat?

Usually, you could check the IGET Goat visualized tank to confirm the degree of IGET Goat leaking.

  • Light leakage: For a few drops of e-liquid, you could use a cotton swab or clean rag to wipe it, which is the solution to wrong vaping ways and incorrect placement.
  • Serious leakage: For a totally empty tank, I recommend you not repair the damaged parts or refill the Goat Vape for safety considerations in case of more serious leaking.

We suggest you purchase a new Goat Vape, which is much safer and quicker.

How To Store IGET Goat Vapes?
Avoid Sunlight and heat sources: Remove the IGET Goat Vape to a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. For example, don’t put it near your stovetop or windows.
Away from extreme temperatures: 20-25℃ will be the optimal temperature.
Away from a damp environment: For example, don’t put the vape in your kitchen or toilet, which can easily accumulate water residual and damage the units.
Avoid high-pressure environments: For example, don’t take the vape to a plane.
How To Use IGET Goats Vapes Correctly?
Never lie down to vaping the IGET Goats
Hold the IGET Vape Goat straight or upright
Keep a balanced vaping time and strength: The optimal vaping frequency will be 2-3 seconds for each puff.
Don’t shake it or crack it
Avoid falling to the ground
IGET Goat leaking due to vaping while lying

What To Do When Mistaken Touch Or Ingest E-liquid?

Here is an answer from my 5-year experience dealing with vape leaking: A mistaken touch won’t be a risk, but an accidental ingestion would be dangerous.

Let’s see the basic ingredients of IGET Goat Vape:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Nicotine
  • Glycerol
  • Flavours
  • Benzoic Acid

Generally, these materials wouldn’t be harmful while in contact with your skin and can be wiped with a clean tissue or cloth.

However, if you accidentally ingest the e-liquid, its high density would cause burn to your mouth and throat.

To protect your vocal cords and oral health, please immediately wash your mouth with clean and fluid water and seek a medical cure immediately.


In a word, the IGET Goat leaking problem is a common phenomenon among vapes. By following our guide, you will quickly find out the reasons and solutions for it.

For more information about IGET Vape Goat, please visit our website, IGET Vape.

FAQ About IGET Goat Leaking

How do I stop my IGET bar plus from leaking?

Here’s a quick guide for IGET Bar Plus leaking:

  1. Clear out any excess e-liquid.
  2. Place in a safe location.
  3. Check for blockages and correct insertion of the pod.
  4. Regularly change pods.
  5. Keep your battery charged.
  6. Inhale slowly and softly.
  7. Replace a new IGET Bar Plus Pods.
  8. Replace a new IGET Bar Plus device.
  9. Seeking After-Sales Assistance.
  10. Purchase your IGET Bar Plus through official channels.

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