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Does IGET Rock Vape Have Nicotine?

I understand that the nicotine content is likely to affect the flavour and throat hit of the vape, so I was wondering if the IGET Rock Vape contains nicotine and what the IGET Rock Vape nicotine strength is. Is there 0% nicotine strength, will it be harmful to our body.

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James M Mannino

Answered on July 14, 2023

In all honesty, most vapes contain nicotine, and the rechargeable IGET Rock Vape is no exception. The strength of IGET Rock Vape nicotine is 5% (50mg/ml)  for a smooth and flavorful hit. But the 5% IGET Rock Vape nicotine strength is still mild, and the throat hit is not very strong, so it’s a good place to start for newcomers.

IGET B5000 has no 0% nicotine strength, but other IGET disposable vapes have. 0% nicotine strength is no throat hit, but you are able to continue the experience of exhaling vapour.

Whether 5% or 0% strength nicotine is harmful to our health. Therefore, we do not recommend vaping IGET Rock Vape when it contains nicotine if you are in poor health, allergic to nicotine, or if you are pregnant. So, it’s important to use IGET Rock Vape nicotine responsibly and in moderation.

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