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IGET B5000 Tastes Burnt: Display

How To Fix A Burnt Taste In Your IGET B5000: Top 4 Tips

Did you get a burnt taste from your new IGET B5000? It’s a common hassle, but it’s still annoying. No stress, I’m here to help you sort it out with some straightforward steps:

  • Give it a short break after using it, about 15-20 seconds should do.
  • Make sure you store your vape in a place that’s not too hot or cold.
  • Try tipping your vape upside down. This helps soak the inside part that makes the vapour.
  • If it keeps happening, it might be time for a new vape.

Avoiding that burnt taste means knowing how to spot and fix it. Stick around for easy-to-follow advice!


Are you getting a less-than-pleasant burnt taste from your IGET vape? If so, you’re certainly not alone. This issue, while common, can put a real damper on your vaping experience. But worry not, because there’s no need to let this problem linger any longer.

In this guide, we’re diving deep into the top 4 straightforward tips that can help you say goodbye to that burnt taste in your IGET B5000.

What Is Burnt Taste Like?

Imagine taking a bite out of something burnt, that sharp, lingering bitterness coating your mouth. That’s pretty close to what a burnt taste from your vape feels like.

It’s an unpleasant experience that can catch you off guard, sometimes even causing a bout of coughing or making you choke. For those using the IGET B5000, if this burnt sensation becomes a constant companion during your vape sessions, it’s time to take a step back.

Consistently inhaling burnt vapors isn’t just uncomfortable—it could also be a sign that it’s impacting your health. Taking care of your vaping device means taking care of yourself, so paying attention to what your vape is telling you becomes crucial.

Why Vapes Taste Burnt?

Common Causes Of A Burnt Taste
  1. Overheat: Overheating occurs when the vape is used for too long without a break, causing the temperature to rise excessively and burn the liquid.
  2. Out of Liquid: Running out of liquid means the coil is heating dry cotton or wicking material, leading to a burnt taste as there’s nothing to vaporize.
  3. Old Coil: An old coil accumulates residue over time, which can cause uneven heating and a burnt taste as the coil’s efficiency declines.
  4. Chain Vaping: Vaping back-to-back without giving the device time to cool down or the liquid to soak into the wick can result in dry hits and a burnt flavor.
  5. Clogged Mouthpiece: A clogged mouthpiece restricts airflow, causing the device to work harder and potentially burn the liquid due to insufficient cooling.
  6. Poor Quality Ingredients: Low-quality e-liquids may contain impurities or not vaporize evenly, leading to a burnt taste when heated in the vape.

How To Fix IGET B5000 When It Tastes Burnt?

Since we can’t prevent IGET Rock B5000 from burning, there are a few things we can do to fix the burned vape.

Give Your Vape a Breather

How To Fix IGET B5000 Tastes Burnt: Wait For 15-20 Seconds

Taking numerous consecutive puffs can cause the Rock B5000 to overheat and result in a burnt taste. The optimal solution is to pause for 15-20 seconds between uses, allowing the device to cool down.

Ideal Storage Temperature for B5000 Vape

How To Fix IGET B5000 Tatses Burnt: Store The Device At The Right Temperature

The B5000 vape thrives in temperatures between 15℃ and 25℃. Exposing it to temperatures beyond this range can compromise its performance. High heat may lead to device or battery overheating, and cold conditions can thicken the e-liquid by increasing its viscosity. Both scenarios can cause your vape to produce a burnt taste.

Keeping the Atomiser Core Moist

How To Fix IGET B5000 Tastes Burnt: Tilt The Device Upside Down

The atomiser core is the component most prone to producing a dry, burnt taste if not properly saturated. To ensure the core remains wet and functions optimally, regularly tilting the device upside down allows the e-liquid to fully soak the core, preventing dry hits and maintaining a smooth vaping experience.

Handling a Burnt IGET B5000 Vape Rock

The IGET B5000 Vape Rock, being a rechargeable disposable device, isn’t designed for disassembly. Attempting to take it apart can lead to damage that falls outside the scope of any after-sales service.

Consequently, if you’re encountering a persistent burnt taste, the most reliable and straightforward solution is to replace the device with a new one. For guidance on fixing burnt tastes in other popular IGET Vapes, exploring further through the provided link is recommended.

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Why Does My New Disposable Taste Burnt?

If you detect a burnt taste upon using a new disposable vape for the first time, it often points to an issue with the manufacturing process or the product itself.

Given the vast quantities of disposable vapes produced daily, it’s challenging for manufacturers to ensure every single item meets their quality standards.

Consequently, there’s a real possibility that the vape you’ve purchased may have slipped through their quality control checks.


In conclusion, when your IGET B5000 tastes burnt, don’t be alarmed. Following the 4 guides may help you out.

If you consider buying a new one, at I GET, there are a lot of authentic disposable vapes to give you to choose from. Browse our shop and start shopping!

IGET B5000 Tastes Burnt: FAQ

Can you fix a disposable vape that tastes burnt?

There are several ways that you can try when your disposable vape tastes burnt:

1. Clean the mouthpiece with a swab.
2. Open the disposable vape (If you can).
3. Check the e-liquid level.
4. Add your favourite e-liquid.
5. Prime the coils properly.
6. Let the wick and cotton fully soak.
7. Reassemble the device.

Why does my disposable vape taste burnt when I just bought it?

1. The e-liquid is low.
2. The device is damaged or faulty.
3. The coil primes incorrectly.
4. You vape heavily or fast.

How do you fix a burnt taste in a vape?

1. Leave a longer time between each puff.
2. Tilt the device upside down to soak the wick fully.
3. Take a slow and small vape.

Is it bad to smoke a burnt vape?

Yes, a burnt vape can be dangerous for your health because it may produce toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your lungs when inhaled.

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