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How To Open IGET B5000?

My IGET B5000 won't charge, I suspect something is wrong with its internals, is there a simple way to open it?

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Answered on March 18, 2024

Take off the mouthpiece cap

How To Open IGET B5000: Take Off The Cap
Take Off The Cap

Upon examining the design and form of the IGET B5000 Vape, you’ll notice a protective cap covering the mouthpiece. Removing this cap is the initial step towards activating your Rock Vape for use.

Slowly open the casing

How To Open IGET B5000: Open The Casing
Open The Casing

Given the B5000 Vape’s sturdy construction, opening it manually can be challenging. At this point, employing a tool such as a screwdriver or blade becomes necessary to gently pry open the casing along its side.

However, due to the delicate nature of the internal components, exercising caution during this process is paramount to avoid damage.

Remove the atomiser and battery

How To Open IGET B5000: Remove The Atomiser And Battery
Remove The Atomiser And Battery

After removing the atomizer and battery, we’re able to inspect the other parts for any damage. However, extracting the atomiser and battery is not straightforward and requires the use of a screwdriver.

Given that the battery is connected by multiple wires, it’s crucial to handle the screws with care to avoid dislodging or damaging these connections.

Observe and replace the damaged parts

How To Open IGET B5000: Observe And Replace The Damaged Parts
Observe And Replace The Damaged Parts

Upon disassembling your IGET Rock Vape, it’s important to meticulously check for signs of e-liquid leakage or battery wear. Should you encounter either of these issues, prompt action is needed. For battery aging, a replacement is necessary to ensure optimal performance and safety.

If there’s excess e-liquid around the atomizer and coil, gently dab it away with a paper towel to prevent damage and maintain the device’s functionality.

Put the components back

How To Open IGET B5000: Put The Components Back
Put The Components Back

Before putting the parts back, here are a few things to note:

  1. Put the corresponding parts in their original positions, ensuring nothing is missing.
  2. Install the battery, ensuring the positive and negative poles are connected correctly to prevent short circuits.
  3. Put on the cover and tighten the screws.

Test the device

How To Open IGET B5000: Test The Device
Test The Device

After assembling the parts, the final step is to test the device. If the e-liquid leaks or no vapour comes out, you may need to open the vape again to check or go directly to a professional for help.

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