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how to recharge IGET Legend

How To Recharge IGET Legend? 5 Easy Steps To Make It

Want to extend your IGET Legend battery life? Although it is unrechargeable, some users still want to know the way to charge.

For these users, we offer this unofficial guide about how to recharge IGET Legend with 5 easy steps:

  1. Remove bottom cap
  2. Remove battery
  3. Connect universal charger
  4. Plug universal charger
  5. Assembling.

Remember that this is an unofficial method, and any attempt to disassemble and recharge IGET Legend is at your own risk.

Please be clear about the safety warning before you keep reading for more details.


IGET is a prominent vape brand in then market. The IGET Legend is one of its hot sales vapes, featuring 4000+ puffs and a super smooth vaping experience.

If you really want the IGET Legend charging guide, here are the unofficial tips.

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Preparations Before IGET Legend Recharge

Here are some tools to be prepared and some things to check before learning how to recharge IGET Legends.

List Of Tools

  • A pair of pliers or a rasp
  • A universal charger
  • A pair of rubber gloves
how to recharge IGET Legend tools list

Things To Check

1. Check the e-liquid tank:

E-liquid should be sufficient to support the battery working.

2. Check the battery indicator

Inhale a little to see if the bottom battery indicator shows a light.

  • A flashing light: The battery is running low.
  • A steady light: The battery is sufficient.

5 Steps To Teach You How To Recharge IGET Legend

How to recharge iget legend without charger
Please follow the 5-step guide matching with this video.
Remove Bottom Cap
  • Use a pair of pliers or a rasp to remove the bottom cap.
  • Control your strength
  • Preserve it for subsequent steps
remove the Legend bottom cap
Remove The Battery & Find The Poles

Find the positive and negative poles after removing the battery.

  • Raised end: positive pole
  • Flat end: negative pole
remove Legend battery and find poles
Connect The Universal Charger

Connect the two ends to the appropriate end of the universal charger.

connect Legend with universal charger
Plug The Universal Charger

A constant red flashing light on the IGET Legend charger means it charging normally.

Hold on to wait for 10-15 minutes.

recharge Legend plug the universal charger
Assembling The IGET Legend

When you see a constant green light on the charger, assemble the vape as they were and inhale to check if the battery works.

  • A constant light: It works.
  • A flashing light / unlit: The battery is undercharged or damaged. We suggest to buy a new battery or a new Legend Vape.
check Legend indicator light
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Safety Tips On IGET Legend Charger

Here are some safety tips about how to recharge IGET Vapes Legends properly.

Control charging time: Limited to 10-15 minutes.
Watch out for the battery: Don’t leave while charging, and don’t charge overnight in case of battery overload.
Not under high temperature: It would raise the burning risk.
how to recharge IGET Legend wrong charging examples


Did you get command of the IGET Legend recharging tips? We still recommend you buy a new IGET Legend vape instead of risking your safety to recharge.

For more information about how to recharge IGET Legend, please visit our official website, IGET.


How long do I get legends last?

Generally, 4000 IGET Legend puffs can last for 6-8 days. It may be shorter for heavy vapers.

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