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IGET Legend flashing light display

IGET Legend Flashing Light: Exploring 7 Reasons Behind

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As an experienced vaper for ten years, I better understand the flashing light problems with vapes.

So, I hope to analyze the causes of the IGET Legend flashing light in this article to help vapers determine whether the IGET Legends are normal and to deal with these vape flashing problems.

The following are the causes of IGET Legend flashing lights:

  • Damaged battery
  • Battery power is exhausted
  • Exhausted e-liquid
  • Clogged e-liquid hole
  • Damaged vape or indicator
  • Vape overheating
  • Normal vaping

If you are also troubled by the flashing light problem of IGET Legend vape, read on with me to find the cause and solution!


The IGET Legend series of IGET is widely acclaimed, and most vapers can get a good vaping experience with rich flavours.

However, The problem of the IGET Legend flashing light has troubled many vapers.

Why is my IGET vape flashing? What does it mean about the IGET vape blinking? And how do we deal with these situations?

Don’t worry! We will introduce and analyze the causes of the IGET flashing light, help you to determine whether your IGET Legend is normal and solve the problem of the flashing light in one go!

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The Reason Why IGET Legend Flashing Light

What does it mean if your IGET Legends flashes light? What kind of message is the light trying to send to you?

There are only two answers, and one is “I am sick”, and the other is “I am fine”! So, how can you ensure your IGET Legends 4000 puffs are working properly? 

You can determine its situation according to the following seven reasons for the IGET Legend flashing light.

Damaged battery

IGET Legend flashing light: damaged battery display

When you use the IGET Legend 4000 puffs for the first time and notice that the indicator light is constantly flashing blue, this is a sign of a damaged battery.

Most of the reasons for this occurrence are due to improper shipping, which leads to bumps and damage to the battery of the IGET Legend 4000 puffs.

Solution: When this happens, please contact and negotiate with the product’s after-sales customer service in time to get further help.

Battery power is exhausted

IGET Legend flashing light: battery power is exhausted display

When you have used IGET Legend 4000 for a few days, if you find that the indicator light starts flashing blue continuously, this may be a sign of a dead battery.

Since IGET Legend 4000 is a disposable vape, there is a limit to the power of the vape with 1350mAh

Therefore, when a certain amount of vaping time has passed, the battery is most likely dead, and the indicator light will continue to flash blue at this time.


IGET Legend vape is a disposable vape and does not offer the function of being recharged, so we do not recommend that you recharge it yourself.

You can continue your wonderful vaping experience by buying a new IGET Vape Legend from IGET Vape.

If you want a rechargeable IGET vape, I suggest you try the IGET B5000 vape and IGET Bar Plus, which are both high-performance rechargeable vapes.

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Exhausted e-liquid

IGET Legend flashing light: exhausted-e-liquid-display

The IGET legend vape flashes blue lights continuously, which may also indicate that your vape is running out of e-liquid.

Just like the battery power of a vape is limited, so is the e-liquid.

IGET Legend 4000 has a capacity of 12ml of e-liquid, which can vape approximately 4000 puffs.

When the 12ml of e-liquid is finished, the indicator light of the vape will also flash blue continuously.


It is normal for IGET Legend vape to run out of e-liquid. You can buy a new IGET Legend 4000 from IGET Vape for vaping.

If you want to get more capacity IGET vape, then IGET Goat with 13ml e-liquid is also a good choice. It can provide about 5000 puffs of vaping.

If you want to check the e-liquid usage of your vape at any time, then IGET Hot’s sub-transparent tank design can meet your needs.

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Clogged e-liquid hole

IGET Legend flashing light: clogged e-liquid hole display

A clogged e-liquid hole in the vape may also cause the IGET Legend flashing light.

When the e-liquid hole is clogged, the e-liquid cannot flow smoothly into the heating element.

Then it causes IGET Legend not to work properly, and the indicator light of the vape will continue to flash blue.


When the e-liquid hole is clogged, gently clean it with a cotton swab or a fine needle to ensure no foreign objects are blocking it.

If the problem is not solved, please go to the nearest vape repair point for repair to restore the normal use of your vape.


Foreign objects often cause clogging of the IGET Legend’s e-liquid hole in the external environment and improper use or operation.

Therefore, to avoid clogging, you can pay attention to keeping the vape in a clean environment and follow the correct way to use and operate the vape.

Do not over-tilt or turn IGET Legend upside down.

Damaged vape or indicator

A damaged IGET Legend or indicator light may also cause light flashing, which can manifest itself as follows:

When using the IGET Legend, the indicator light flashes blue continuously, and there is no vapour.
When shaking the IGET Legend, there is a sound of parts falling off and the indicator light continues to flash blue.

All of this means your IGET Legend should be damaged, which may be caused by improper storage or being dropped.


Since the damaged part is inside the vape, you cannot inspect it.

Therefore, you can choose to have your IGET Legend checked and repaired by a vape repair store to restore the normal operation of your IGET Legend.

Of course, if you think the repair cost is too high, you can also buy a new IGET Legend.

Vape overheating

IGET Legend flashing light: vape overheating display

Another reason for the IGET Legend indicator light to flash is that the internal temperature of the vape is too high.

When you vape in a prolonged period of overheating, the vape battery may be damaged, and it’s power storage and output capacity will weaken.

The deterioration of the battery performance will cause the battery to consume power faster, eventually leading to a dead battery and the indicator light will start blinking.


If the vape overheating causes a flashing light problem, you can place the IGET Legend in a cool environment.

Wait 10-20 minutes for the internal temperature to cool down slightly before continuing to use it.

Normal vaping

However, the IGET vape flashing light does not mean a problem with your IGET Legend. IGET vape flashing blue steadily is normal when vaping. Please don’t worry and enjoy the vaping process!


By analyzing the above seven causes of the IGET Legend flashing light, you have learned how to determine whether your IGET Legend is normal.

Also, when there is an abnormal situation of flashing light, you have learned how to solve these corresponding problems.

Hope this guide can be helpful to you. You can comment, bookmark or share this article to find these useful guides when you need them quickly.

If you are in need of a new IGET Legend, try shopping at IGET Vape for great deals and fast shipping.


How much nicotine is in an IGET Legend?

IGET Legend’s nicotine content is 5%/0%.

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