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IGET Bar Tastes Burnt: 7 Useful Steps To Get Rid Of It

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The Bar Vape is absolutely high-quality, but any disposable vape will have a burning experience. So what do you do when IGET Bar tastes burnt? 7 useful steps to help you eliminate this problem.

  1. Clean the mouthpiece.
  2. Let the wick saturate.
  3. Cool down the device.
  4. Take a longer and slower hit.
  5. Be aware of the puff counts.
  6. Replace the bad vape with another good one.
  7. Re-soak the cotton.

To avoid the IGET Bar tasting burning again, we have to learn some skills to prevent it in the future. If you are a lover of exploration, please read along!


From the day it was launched until now, IGET Bars have had a wide range of fans worldwide, especially in. With its long-lasting battery life and diverse flavours, IGET Bar Vape has captured the hearts of many vapers.

However, one slight shortcoming of the device is that sometimes IGET Bar tastes burnt, and this leaves an unpleasant vaping experience for many vapers.

In this blog, I have listed several reasons for a burnt IGET Bar 3500 and offered 7 measures to solve the problem. Let’s explore them together!

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Causes Of Why Does My IGET Bar Taste Burnt

  1. Out of Liquid
  2. Clogged Mouthpiece
  3. Chain Vaping
  4. Overheated Battery
  5. Overuse
  6. The Wick Is Not Fully Soaked
  7. Poor-Quality Product

Steps To Fix IGET Bar Tastes Burnt

Steps To Fix IGET Bar Tastes Burnt
Here are the 7 steps to fix a burnt IGET Bar 3500:
Clean the mouthpiece
How To Fix IGET Bar Tastes Burnt: Clean The Mouthpiece

A mouthpiece is a place where we can inhale the vapour. To avoid the IGET Bar Vape from burning due to debris blocking the mouthpiece,  swab it with a rolled-up tissue or swab. And it’s recommended to clean the mouthpiece regularly.

Let the wick saturate
How To Fix IGET Bar Tastes Burnt: Let The Wick Saturate

When your wick isn’t saturated entirely, the IGET Bar tastes burnt. To thoroughly saturate the wick, you can tilt the IGET Bar Vape down and wait a few minutes, letting the E-liquid fully saturate the wick.

Cool down the device
How To Fix IGET Bar Tastes Burnt: Cool Down The Device

Using the device for a long time, the battery will overheat and start to smell a little burnt. This time, you should give the device a break and wait for 15-20 seconds, allowing the device to cool completely.

Take a longer and slower hit
How To Fix IGET Bar Tastes Burnt: Take A Longer And Slower Hit

IGET Bars are draw-activated. It means you don’t have to vape heavily to inhale the vapour. In contrast, by taking a long and slow vape, you can experience the joy of vaping more truly and slowly enjoy the delicious flavour.

Be aware of the puff counts
How To Fix IGET Bar Tastes Burnt: Be Aware Of The Puff Counts

Since IGET Vapes are disposable, it cannot be opened to see how much E-liquid is left. So, to avoid burning because the device is out of e-liquid, you can count the puff after every time you vape.

Replace the bad vape with another good one
How To Fix IGET Bar Tastes Burnt: Replace A Good Vape

If you find IGET Bar tastes burnt initially, it was a dud. Since the IGET Bar Vape is not recommended to open, you don’t have the chance to fix it. Therefore, why not buy a new one?

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Re-soak the cotton
How To Fix IGET Bar Tastes Burnt: Resoak The Cotton

To avoid dry burning of cotton due to insufficient E-liquid, you can add your own E-liquid. Since IGET Bar is a disposable vape, any E-liquid refilling to disposable vapes is prohibited. This may cause damage to the device, so please bear all risks by yourself.

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In conclusion, if your IGET Bar tastes burnt, the above 7 steps can help you eliminate it. If the problem is still not solved after you try these four methods, I recommend you replace the bad one.

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IGET Bar Tastes Burn: FAQ

Can you fix a disposable vape that tastes burnt?

There are several ways that you can try when your disposable vape tastes burnt:

  1. Clean the mouthpiece with a swab.
  2. Open the disposable vape (If you can).
  3. Check the e-liquid level.
  4. Add your favourite e-liquid.
  5. Prime the coils properly.
  6. Let the wick and cotton fully soak.
  7. Ressemble the device.
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