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Is your IGET Bar Plus leaking

Is Your IGET Bar Plus Leaking? 5 Troubleshooting & Tricks Guide

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Hello there! I understand that you’re experiencing some leakage with your IGET Bar Plus 6000 puffs. As a seasoned e-cigarette technician with a track record of successfully solving leaking issues for numerous vapers, I am confident that I can assist you. Allow me to present six potential reasons why IGET Bar Plus leaking.

  • Mishandling the pod
  • Using a pod for too long
  • Defective hardware
  • A low battery
  • Excessive vaping
  • Purchasing a fake IGET Bar Plus

Alright, folks! Let’s talk about the IGET Bar Plus vape and its annoying leaking problem. Time to grab your vape and get into the nitty-gritty!


IGET Bar Plus leaking what is it?

The IGET Bar Vape Plus allows for easy switching between e-liquid flavours thanks to its replaceable pod system, called the IGET Pods (IGET Bar Plus Pods). This system also lets users carry multiple pods with different flavours for on-the-go vaping.

While pod systems are convenient and user-friendly, leaks can be a common issue. Leaking pods are frustrating, waste money, and may damage the device over time. If the vape juice seeps into the device’s components, it may cause malfunctions or even break the device.

Therefore, it’s crucial to fix the IGET Bar Plus leaking issue as soon as possible and take steps to prevent it from happening again. This article will help you address these concerns. Let’s read on!

IGET Bar Plus Leaking – What Is It?

IGET Bar Plus Leaking why it happen

Vaping is often seen as a more convenient option than smoking because it can be used almost anywhere with ease. However, even with proper care, your IGET Bar Plus leaking issue may occur. This occurs mostly in the IGET Bar Plus Pod attached to the mouthpiece, where e-liquid leaks from the mouthpiece or airflow hole.

A small amount of liquid escaping during inhalation is normal, but if you notice a significant amount of liquid, your vape is leaking. Leaking happens when e-juice leaks out of the tank through the airflow system, and the amount of e-liquid that leaks can vary.

So, why is your IGET Plus leaking? And how can you prevent this issue? Don’t worry, I’ll provide solutions and details that can help you avoid leaking, so make sure to check it out!

IGET Bar Plus Leaking – Why It Happen?

1. Mishandling the pod

The Bar Plus Pods may appear durable, but they can still be damaged due to mishandling. If squeezed too hard, a pod may start to leak.

Additionally, biting on a pod while it’s in your mouth can also cause it to leak. These actions, which are essentially due to user error, can cause structural damage that results in leakage. As such, it’s crucial to handle your pods with care at all times.

IGET Bar Plus leaking mishandling the pod

2. Using a pod for too long

If you go a long time without changing your pod, or only replace it when the e-liquid has run out and you start to taste a burnt flavour, the coil inside the pod will gradually wear out and become less effective at holding onto e-liquid. This can cause the e-liquid to leak through the coil and out of your device.

IGET Bar Plus leaking using a pod for too long

3. A low battery

If your Bar Plus device has a low battery, it may cause e-liquid to leak out. This is because a weak battery cannot properly turn the e-liquid into vapor, causing it to be pulled through the mouthpiece as liquid instead of as vapour.

IGET Bar Plus leaking a low battery

4. Defective hardware

Defective hardware can sometimes be the cause of the IGET Bar Plus leaking issue. Pods or device may be defective upon arrival. For example, a new purchased pod may lack a seal on the packaging, or the mouthpiece could be damaged, causing the IGET Bar Plus to leak.

IGET Bar Plus leaking packaging

5. Excessive vaping

When someone vapes excessively, the e-juice may leak out of the mouthpiece. This happens when the liquid is drawn into the coil housing too quickly to vaporize, causing the excess liquid to be pulled up through the mouthpiece like a straw and resulting in leakage.

6. Purchasing a fake IGET Bar Plus

The production of Fake Bar Plus Vapes does not undergo regulatory agency supervision. Additionally, neither the storage of e-liquid nor the equipment structures have undergone safety testing, which poses a significant risk of leakage. Or maybe you want to try other IGET products instead, don’t miss your special IGET Vape Flavours!

IGET Bar Plus Leaking – How To Identify?

External Traces: Obvious oil stains may be found on the exterior of the IGET 6000 Puffs, which may have leaked from the mouthpiece or airflow during use.

Oil Sensation in the Mouth: If you feel oil in your mouth while vaping, it may be due to oil leakage during the use of the Bar Plus 6000.

Odor: The e-liquid in Bar Plus vape has a distinct scent. If you smell this scent when the IGET Bar Plus is not in use, it may be due to oil leakage.

Touch: If the exterior of the Bar Plus feels oily, it may be due to oil leakage.

Leakage Traces: If you frequently place your Bar Plus Vape in a certain location and find oil stains there, it may be due to oil leakage from the vape.

IGET Bar Plus Leaking – How To Address & Prevent It?

How To Address & Prevent IGET Bar Plus Leaking Perfectly?
Now we know the six reasons why the IGET Bar Plus leaking, and I’ll provide you with the appropriate solution for each situation.
Clear out any excess e-liquid

If you are experiencing minor e-liquid leakage with your IGET Bar Plus Pods, no need to worry, as there is a simple solution.

  1. Disconnect the pod from the battery.
  2. Place a piece of tissue at the bottom of the pod.
  3. Gently blow through the mouthpiece a few times to force out any excess e-liquid onto the tissue.
  4. Re-insert the pod and try again.
IGET Bar Plus leaking clear out any excess e-liquid
Place in a safe location
IGET Bar Plus leaking place in a safe location

To prevent accidental damage or leaking, it is best to avoid shaking or dropping your IGET Plus Bar. Additionally, be sure not to place it in high places or areas where it could be easily bumped. When not in use, store it in a safe and secure location.

Check for blockages and correct insertion of the pod
IGET Bar Plus Leaking insert the pod

Check to make sure there are no blockages in the pod itself and that the pod is inserted correctly. If the center pipe is clogged, it can limit the air flow and cause un-vaporized e-liquid to leak out through the mouthpiece or airflow holes. It is important to properly insert the pod into the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Regularly change pods
IGET Bar Plus leaking regularly change pods

IGET Bar Plus Pods are disposable vape pods designed to be replaced relatively regularly. The rate at which you should replace your pods depends on how often you vape. Once you determine this, make sure to stay on top of replacing them to avoid leaky pods and burnt-out coils.

Keep your battery charged
How to charge IGET Bar Plus the statuses

It’s important to keep your battery level from getting too low, as this can lead to leaks. The frequency of charging your device’s battery depends on your usage, but it’s recommended to charge it at least once every few days. A single charge typically takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

Here is an instruction for IGET Bar Plus Charging. If you have any questions about the charging process, you can refer to this instruction.

Inhale slowly and softly
IGET Bar Plus leaking inhale slowly and softly

Gentle inhalation still produces vapor without causing any leaking. This method also helps prevent throat irritation and discomfort. Inhaling slowly and softly allows the vapor to cool down before it reaches your throat, resulting in a more enjoyable vaping experience that is less harsh on your lungs.

Replace a new IGET Bar Plus Pods

If you notice a significant amount of e-liquid leakage in your IGET Bar Plus Pod, please replace it without hesitation. The Bar Plus Pods are disposable and easy to replace and come in a variety of flavours for you to choose from. To enhance your vaping experience, we offer a list of disposable IGET Bar Plus Pods for you:

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Replace a new IGET Bar Plus device

If you discover that leaked e-liquid has entered your device, it may seep into the battery and other components, causing malfunctions. In the worst case, it can break the device entirely. To ensure your safety while vaping, it’s important to replace the device with a new IGET Bar Plus. Additionally, the device has a limited lifespan, and we generally recommend replacing it with a new one after using 5 IGET Refillable Pods.

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Seeking After-Sales Assistance

If you purchased the Bar Plus from IGET Vape and are experiencing leakage issues, you can seek help from their online after-sales customer service. The IGET Vape online shop provides every customer with one year of free warranty service, helping you overcome obstacles on your vaping journey and enjoy vaping without worries.

Purchase your IGET Bar Plus through official channels
IGET Bar Plus not working buy from official channels

To ensure that you purchase authentic Bar Plus Vape products, we recommend buying directly from the official website or other authorized channels. Follow these guidelines to distinguish between genuine and fake products:

  • Verify the serial number of your Bar Plus.
  • Purchase Bar Plus from reputable vendors.
  • Be cautious of unusually low prices for Bar Plus.
  • Pay close attention to the packaging and labels of Bar Plus products.


In conclusin, there are various factors that lead to leaks in the IGET Bar Plus Vape. By familiarizing yourself with these causes and taking the appropriate measures to address them, you can ensure a vaping experience free of leaks. It’s important to always adhere to proper maintenance techniques for your vape to prevent leaks. Happy vaping!

FAQ about IGET Bar Plus Leaking

How many puffs are in an IGET Vape Bar Plus?

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