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IGET Bar leaking: 6 reasons and fixes

Why Is Your IGET Bar Leaking: Top 6 Reasons and Solutions

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Are you still dealing with the annoyance of Bar vape leaking issues? No worries! As a professional vape repair expert, I’ll thoroughly analyze the possible reasons and provide you with the most comprehensive and effective solutions. Here are the six most common causes of IGET Bar leaking:

  • High-temperature environment
  • Improper handling
  • Incorrect vaping technique
  • Improper storage
  • Device damage
  • Expired e-liquid

Are you struggling with IGET Bar leaking issues? Don’t worry! As a professional vape repair expert, I will guide you through the six most common reasons behind this problem and provide comprehensive solutions.


IGET Bar leaking: IGET Bar display

IGET Bar is the most favoured vape among IGET Vape users, boasting a wide range of flavours, sleek design, and impressive battery life. However, despite its outstanding performance, IGET Bar is not immune to e-liquid leakage that occurs with any vape, which is also one of the most important reasons that IGET vape not working.

But no need to worry, as I’ll thoroughly analyze the 6 main reasons for IGET Bar leaking, and with this guide, you can easily address the IGET Bar leaking problem.

Manifestations Of IGET Bar Leaking

Before we analyze the reasons for IGET Bar leaking, it’s essential to understand the signs of it. Here are several possible manifestations of IGET Bar leaking.

Appearance with e-liquid traces

E-liquid leakage may cause visible traces on the exterior of the Bar vape, such as liquid stains on the vape body.

Strong fruity odours

After e-liquid leakage, there may be a strong fruity odour at the bottom of the I GET Bar vape, possibly due to e-liquid seeping into the battery or other components.

Sticky touch

When holding the IGET Vape Bar, if you feel the surface becoming sticky, it may be due to IGET Bar leaking.

Viscous mouthfeel

If you experience a sticky or thick sensation in your mouth while vaping the IGET Bars, it could be a disposable vape leaking in mouth.

Moist or dripping

If you notice moisture or dripping at the bottom of the IGET 3500, it is likely a sign of the IGET Bar leaking.

Why Is There A Problem With IGET Bar Leaking?

IGET Bar leaking

High-temperature environment

High temperatures can cause the e-liquid to expand and vaporize, increasing the pressure inside the container and leading to IGET Bar leaking.

Improper usage posture

Many users enjoy vaping in a relaxed posture, such as lying down. However, this can cause the e-liquid to flow into the mouthpiece due to gravity, leading to leakage. To avoid this, always vape with the IGET Bar held upright.

Incorrect vaping technique

Taking excessively long draws or applying too much force while vaping the IGET Bar can lead to leaking issues. The evaporation of e-liquid in the atomizer requires a certain amount of time. Continuous, prolonged draws or sudden, forceful inhalations can result in insufficient evaporation of the e-liquid, causing you to taste the e-liquid during vaping.

Improper storage

Just as your vaping posture matters, the way you store your Bars vape is equally crucial. If you tend to place the IGET Bar horizontally or upside down casually, the fluidity of the e-liquid can cause it to flow towards other components of the vape due to gravity, leading to IGET Bar leaking.

Vape damage

During transportation, if the IGET 3500 vape experiences compression or impact, the e-liquid reservoir may develop cracks or damage, leading to e-liquid leakage from those areas.

Expired e-liquid

Expired e-liquid can change consistency, becoming thinner and more prone to leakage in the IGET Bar.

Expired e-liquid can occur due to two reasons:

  • Consumers buying IGET Vape Bar and not using it for an extended period, leading to the e-liquid surpassing its shelf life.
  • Consumers obtain counterfeit IGET Bar from unofficial sources, where the quality of the e-liquid is not regulated or guaranteed.

If you suspect you’ve bought a fake IGET Bar and are unsure about its authenticity, read the article How To Verify Fake IGET Bar: 3 Factors Spoting Fake IGET Bar for further assistance.

How To Fix IGET Bar Leaking?

How To Fix IGET Bar Leaking
Next, I’ll present the 6 most useful ways to fix the IGET Bar leaking.
Proper storage
IGET Bar leaking: proper storage

Ensure you store your IGET Bar in a cool and shaded environment. High temperatures can cause the e-liquid to evaporate and lead to leakage. Avoid placing the IGET Bar horizontally or upside down and upright storage is the best practice.

Correct vaping posture
right vaping posture

When using the IGET 3500, make sure your vaping posture is correct. Hold the IGET Bar with the mouthpiece facing upwards, then tilt it at a 45-degree angle towards your lips. Gently bring the mouthpiece close to your lips and vaping normally.

Proper vaping technique

To prevent e-liquid leakage caused by prolonged or forceful inhalation, control your inhalation time and intensity while using the IGET Bar. This helps the Bar’s atomizer to evaporate the e-liquid fully and avoid leakage. Keeping each inhalation around 2 to 3 seconds will provide the best vapour experience.

Replace or buy a new vape

When you receive your IGET Bar first and experience IGET Bar leaking due to improper transportation, you can promptly contact vape customer service to replace it with a new Bar.

If you accidentally damage your I GET Bar or experience leaking for personal reasons you can buy a new IGET Bar to continue enjoying the wonderful vaping experience.

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Avoid buying fake IGET Bar

Always purchase from the official IGET website or verified retailers to ensure the quality and authenticity of your I GET Bars. Counterfeit products often come with expired or substandard e-liquid, leading to an unsatisfactory vaping experience.

Open the IGET Bar for inspection

While inspecting the inside of your Bar IGET might seem like a good idea to identify leaks, it could pose safety risks and potentially damage the device further.

Due to the potential safety risks involved in opening an IGET Bar 3500, we highly recommend that you do not attempt to do it yourself. Instead, it’s best to leave this task to professional repair technicians who know how to take apart an IGET Bar 3500 safely.

However, if you’re curious about how to open up an IGET Bar, you can read the article How To Open IGET Bar: 5 Easy Steps To A Quick Open for more information.

Is IGET Bar Leaking Harmful?

Is a leaking vape dangerous or harmful? This needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

If the IGET Bar leaking is limited to the shell of the IGET Bar vape, contact with the e-liquid will not likely harm your health and is not dangerous.

However, if the e-liquid leakage is ingested into your body, it may be dangerous and lead to adverse effects and health risks, such as throat discomfort, stomach upset, nausea, or vomiting.

Even though the six ingredients in the I GET Bar have undergone rigorous testing and are relatively safe, direct ingestion of e-liquid still poses health risks. Therefore, if such a situation occurs, please seek prompt assistance from a healthcare professional.

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If you’re struggling with IGET Bar leaking, following the tips in this guide should help. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Keep enjoying your vaping experience with the authentic IGET Bar, available at IGET Vape!


Does the IGET Bar have nicotine?

Yes, the IGET Bar nicotine content has two types: 5% and 0%.

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