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how to recharge IGET Vape

IGET Vape Charging Instructions

About IGET Vape Charging

IGET AU has long been known for its convenience and flexibility. To cater to the smoking habits of its users, it has not only disposable vapes for hassle-free customers but also introduced rechargeable IGET Vapes for those smokers who want continuous vaping sessions.

Because of this, most IGET fans have been very curious about how to recharge their IGET Vapes. If you’ve just bought a brand-new IGET vape and need to know how to charge it, read on for the charging instructions below.

How To Charge Your IGET Vape?

Charging Instructions

✅ Distinguish your vape type – We don’t recommend recharging a disposable IGET Vape.

✅ Prepare the tools – A charging cable and charger that fits your vape.

✅ Keep the tools clean and dry – Wipe off any dust or debris on the exterior.

✅ Locate the charging port – It is typically situated at the bottom of the rechargeable vapes, such as IGET Bar Plus and IGET B5000.

✅ Connect the device – Attach the charging cable to the charger and then to the device.

✅ Check the indicator – Make sure the indicator light is on once connected.

Blog About IGET Vape Charging

Keep reading to learn more instructions on how to charge IGET Vapes.

QA About IGET Vape Charging

The following are 3 QAs about IGET Vape Charging issues.

What Is The IGET Bar Plus Charging Time?

What Is The IGET Bar Plus Charging Time?

Hey, I just swapped over to the IGET Bar Plus. It’s been pretty great so far, but there’s one thing I can’t seem to figure out – how long should I actually be charging this thing? You know, I like to plan my vape breaks and the battery life is kinda important for that. Does anyone know the ideal charging time for IGET Bar Plus?

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How To Recharge IGET Bar

How To Recharge IGET Bar?

I am concerned about the environmental impact of using a disposable device, and I want to know if there is any way to recharge it and make it more sustainable.

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How long do I charge my IGET Bar Plus for?

Charging IGET Bar Plus for 30 minutes to an hour is recommended.

Can disposable vape be charged?

No, because the batteries in disposable vapes are designed to be used only once. So when it runs out of battery, please discard it responsibly instead of recharging it yourself.

How do I know when my IGET Bar Plus is fully charged?

Since the IGET Bar Plus does not have an indicator light to show whether it is fully charged, it is best to stop charging after 30-60 minutes to avoid damaging the battery.

Is an IGET Bar rechargeable?

No, the IGET Bar is a disposable vape that does not need to be recharged.

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