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IGET Mega flashing light

5 Reasons Why IGET Mega Flashing Light And Solutions To Fix It

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As the largest device of the IGET series, IGET Mega has taken the vaping industry by storm in since its launch. However, some smokers need clarification about using it, and one of the most widely discussed is the issue of its LED light.

No need to panic if you have the same doubts. There are 5 reasons why your IGET Mega flashing light:

  • Dead battery
  • Low e-liquid
  • Improper storage
  • Damaged vape
  • Fake device

In addition, we’ve listed the corresponding solutions. If you have issues with IGET Mega flashing lights, read on to check out the answers.


IGET Mega flashing light

IGET Mega is a high-quality disposable vape that offers excellent value. Users seeking longevity, flexibility, and an enhanced vaping experience have marvelled at it for years. But sometimes, the IGET Vape flashing situation confuses a lot of vapers.

In this post, we are going to analyse the reasons and solutions for IGET Mega with a flashing light. You just need to determine which situation most likely applies to your disposable vape.

2 Scenarios For The IGET Mega Flashing Light

When The IGET Mega Red Light On:

Before discussing this, we must clarify that IGET Mega 3000 has an auto-inhale activation, which means it fires up when inhaled instead of activated by a button.

The transparent branding at the bottom of the device serves as an airflow hole for air intake to create vapour and an LED activation indicator. When you inhale from the mouthpiece, the device is activated, and the LED indicator lights up red. And when you stop vaping, the red light will turn off.

Even though red lights are sometimes associated with negative things, such as a damaged device, there is no doubt that your IGET Mega red light indicates your pod is functioning properly.

When The Indicator Is Blinking Or Not Illuminated:

If the indicator of the IGET Mega Disposable Vape is blinking or does not light up, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Dead Battery
IGET Mega dead battery

IGET Mega features a 1400mAh battery inside. However, its disposable nature means it does not need recharge or charging pods.

But even the highest-capacity batteries will run out one day, and so will the IGET Mega. When it’s been used for a while and its battery runs out, the indicator light will blink or not be illuminated, indicating that it’s time to buy a new vape.

  • Low E-liquid
IGET Mega low e-liquid

The most common reason why a disposable vape light flashes is because it’s simply out of e-liquid.

Some disposable vapes have a transparent section that allows the vaper to see how much e-liquid is left. However, devices like the IGET Mega Vapes that don’t let you know the tank inside will alert you with an indicator when the e-juice is fully utilized.

  • Improper Storage
IGET Mega improper storage

Like your precious mobile phone, the IGET Mega also needs proper storage. If you leave it in the sun for a long period, it may cause battery damage. Extreme cold temperatures may cause the e-liquid to solidify, rendering the device unusable.

These conditions damage the device, causing the indicator light to blink or not light up.

  • Damaged Vape
IGET Mega damaged vape

Another common cause of abnormal LED light is damage to the IGET Mega. In addition to the causes mentioned above of sun exposure and low temperature, when the IGET Mega is physically damaged, such as by being bumped, dropped, hit, etc., it can also cause the indicator to blink abnormally or not illuminated.

  • Fake Device
IGET Mega fake device

Due to the popularity of IGET Mega, the vaping market is inevitably laced with shoddy products. Unfortunately, if you buy a fake IGET Mega, its poor quality and designs will surely bring you a headache.

If you get a brand new IGET Mega, but its indicator light doesn’t work properly when you smoke it, you’ll likely buy a fake vape.

5 Solutions To The IGET Mega Flashing Light

How to fix it quickly
After analyzing the causes of the IGET Mega flashing light, we will provide you with five corresponding solutions to fix it.
Monitor the battery balance
IGET Mega monitor the battery balance

Once the IGET Mega’s 1400mAh battery is depleted, you can dispose of it and explore different flavours. Please remember that the IGET Mega’s battery is disposable, and we do not recommend that you disassemble the IGET Mega to charge it yourself.

Choose the vape that matches your smoking habit
IGET Mega e-liquid

If you are a heavy smoker who thinks 10ml e-liquid is insufficient to satisfy your needs, we recommend the IGET 5000 Goat Vape, which has 13ml of liquid to provide an amazing 5000 puffs. You can also buy a new IGET Mega if you think it’s your best choice.

Proper storage
IGET Mega proper storage

Store it in a dry and cool place when the device is out of use. Avoid storing it in extreme temperatures or lying it down horizontally.

Use with care
IGET Mega use with care

If you accidentally drop your vape while smoking, we recommend taking your IGET Mega Vape to a professional vape repair shop to check and repair it. Or you can choose to snap on a new one.

Avoid counterfeit products
IGET Mega avoid counterfeit products

Scan the anti-counterfeiting QR code on the back of the package that allows you to check the product’s authenticity. Contact customer service to return it if you buy a shoddy vape.

We always recommend buying IGET vapes at IGET Electronic Cigarette. It is a trustworthy website that offers customers a 30-day warranty policy from the date of purchase.

5 Tips For Maintaining Your IGET Mega

None of us want to spend money on a brand-new vape only to discover that it won’t work quickly. To avoid this predicament, we’ve listed 5 tips for caring for your IGET Mega Disposable Vape.

Keep it dry and cool
Avoid placing it in excessively hot or cold places
Moderate puffing to avoid overusing
Monitor remaining battery and e-liquid usage
Do not disassemble the device by yourself


Through this analysis of the IGET Mega flashing light, we have learned that if the indicator lights up red when vaping, it indicates that your IGET Mega 3000 is functioning properly. We also have given the appropriate solution by analysing five reasons why the light flashes or doesn’t light up.

After reading this, we believe you already know about the IGET Mega LED indicator’s issues and know how to deal with them. And remember to take advantage of 5 maintenance tips to take good care of your disposable pods.

Click to check the IGET Vape flashing issue if you want to learn more about it.


Why is the light blinking on my mega vape?

Dead battery, low e-liquid, improper storage, damaged vape, and fake device can make IGET Mega’s light blink.

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