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A complete list to use IGET Bar vape safely

How To Use IGET Bar: 5 Exciting, Thrifty & Safe Tips

Don’t be overwhelmed if you’re new to using the disposable vape. This quick guide will tell you how to use IGET Bar. Follow these steps to make the most of your vaping experience with the IGET Bar vape:

  1. Store your vape in the appropriate position for safekeeping.
  2. Vape the opened IGET Bar as soon as possible after unboxing it.
  3. Avoid actions that could harm your IGET vape Bar device and ensure its longevity.
  4. Avoid Overheating.
  5. Don’t fall for counterfeit IGET Bars!

Want to know the IGET Bar 3500 how to use affordably and safely? Keep reading the guidance!


Have you ever encountered issues with your Bar vape not working due to incorrect operation? Are you concerned about the duration of your vape? Don’t worry! I’m here to help you solve these problems.

IGET is the most popular disposable vape in, and over time, users have made many operational errors with this e-cigarette.

In this article, you will use your IGET Bars vape more sensibly and efficiently and safely. Whether you’re a beginner to vape or a seasoned veteran, this guide is tailored to meet your needs.

How To Use IGET Bar For The First Time?

Tips to tell how to use IGET Bar
4 Easy Way To Use It
  • Unpack the IGET Bar nicotine vape.
  • No need to press anything, it’s buttonless.
  • Inhale through the mouthpiece.
  • Hold for a few seconds.
  • Exhale and watch the vapor dissipate.

Using your device is easy, but remember this important point: keep the air intake clear while you vape!

This is absolutely essential. Improper vaping, where no air enters the device, can cause dry burns and result in a burnt smell. When you vape, remember not to block the bottom air inlet of the I GET Bar Vape with your hand.

5 Tips To Make You Use The IGET Bar More Sensibly

Tips to store IGET Bar
The Best Solution For Storing IGET Bar
5 Tips To Use It More Sensibly
Here are five tips for using your IGET Bar disposable vape smartly, helping you protect your device, maximize vaping time, and enhance the IGET Bar flavours.
Store Properly
  • Store it in a dry environment.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.
  • Don’t store it upside down.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Keep it away from open flames and water.
  • Consider wrapping and storing it for added protection.

A customer once shared their experience of leakage and attracting insects by shaking and playing with their vape upside down. To prevent such issues, it’s advisable to keep your IGET Bar upright and consider wrapping it for added protection.

Vape The Opened Bar vape As Soon As Possible After Unboxing It

Did you know that the battery of the IGET Bar Puff 3500 disposable pod device starts draining even before you use it?

The battery slowly depletes like a flowing stream, and when you activate it for the first time, the drain increases significantly. That’s why it’s recommended to use up your vape quickly after opening it.

It typically lasts around 7 days of regular use. If you use it occasionally, there’s a risk of the battery draining before the E-liquid is depleted. It’s strongly advised not to open another vape before finishing one, as our customers have experienced this issue.

Another solution is to select a reputable vendor that provides freshly dated Bar vapes. This ensures optimal taste and addresses the issue effectively, maintaining a high-quality vaping experience consistently.

Fortunately, IGET Au is an authorizedn licensee that offers authentic and freshly dated IGET Bars. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Avoid Actions That Could Harm Your Vape Device
Do not open IGET Bar
Do Not Open The Device

It’s surprising how many customers want to refill and recharge IGET Bar after just one day of use.

I strongly discourage such actions. IGET vapes are designed to be used and disposed of. Trying to recharge or refill IGET Bar can lead to damage and potential harm to yourself.

Opening and refilling the Bar vape with vape juice poses risks such as damaged battery cables and potential leaks. Even if it appears intact after assembly, internal damage may have occurred. It’s best to avoid this practice for your safety and the device’s proper functioning.

Avoid Overheating
Tips to safely use IGET Bar
Avoid Overheating Of Coils
  • Take shorter puffs to make your E-liquid last longer.
  • Avoid chain vaping and overheating your device.
  • Consider switching to a higher nicotine strength for a more satisfying experience.
  • Be mindful of your vaping habits to conserve your E-liquid supply.

It’s crucial to understand the impact of continuous and prolonged vaping on disposable vapes.

Taking frequent breaks between puffs and avoiding prolonged vaping sessions can prevent overheating of the device and excessive e-liquid consumption. Moderation is key to preserving both your e-liquid and the device’s performance.

When the coil heats up, it may overheat and vaporize excessive E-liquid to maintain balance. As a result, excess vapor may escape into the air, leading to wastage.

Avoid Fake Bar Vape
How to tell if a IGET Bar is fake
Determining Whether IGET Bar Is True

To ensure the effectiveness of the tips mentioned above, it’s important to have an authentic IGET Bar. Beware of fake IGET Bar vapes, as they won’t provide the same experience.

Look for the security code to verify its official certification. Rest assured, we offer 100% genuine IGET Bars flavours at affordable prices, and you can even save more with our bundle products. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the real deal!


Has this checklist been helpful in guiding you on how to use IGET Bar effectively? We have gathered numerous customer questions and provided practical solutions based on their experiences.

By following this checklist, you can improve your vaping experience with both the IGET Bar and other IGET vape.

  • Store Properly
  • Use it up as soon as possible
  • Avoid damaging it
  • The correct right way to vape
  • Avoid Fake Bar vape

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How to recharge IGET Bar?

The IGET Bar is not rechargeable nor refillable as it is a disposable vape. Its battery is disposable and charging it may cause the device to malfunction.

How To Open IGET Bar?

To open the IGET Bar you have to prepare the pliers, hold the pliers on the mouthpiece part and carefully separate the mouthpiece from the device and finally gently remove the internal parts.

How to tell if IGET Bar has nicotine?

Check the packaging for a nicotine mark, which will help you determine the nicotine content of the vape.

How many puffs are in IGET Bar?

It has at least 3500 puffs and the average length of use is 5-7 days. If you can follow this guide to use it, it will even allow you to vape an extra 500 puffs.

How do I get my IGET Bar to work again?

To activate your IGET Vape Bar, take a puff from your mouth. If it doesn’t work, check for blockages in the air inlet at the bottom. If the problem persists, it may be due to damage during transit.

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