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how to refill IGET Bar

How To Refill IGET Bar: 6 Easy Steps To Help You

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IGET Vapes 3500 have easily become one of the most popular devices in the vaping industry. Adult vapers love its convenience and performance.

However, its disposable nature leads to the question of how to refill IGET Bar. The following 6-step instructions will teach you what to do if you don’t want to buy another cartridge when running out of e-juice:

  • Prepare the tools
  • Open the IGET Bar
  • Take the cotton polyfill out
  • Refill the cartridge
  • Clean the contact area
  • Close the device

Next, we will explain the steps to refill the IGET Bar in detail. Please take out your empty IGET Bar and follow us to fill it!


how to refill IGET Bar

IGET Bar is a portable vape that can provide an exhilarating experience with or without the pleasant nicotine hit. When your vape is running out of its 12ml e-juice, it is time to discard it and snap on a new one.

However, some vapers try to refill the IGET Bar because they don’t want to spend extra money on a new device. Even though we do not recommend restocking the IGET Bar since it is not designed to be refillable, you can do a few things to make your vape work again.

How To Refill IGET Bar: 6-step Instructions

This video will show you vividly and visually how to refill the IGET Bar.

6 Easy Steps to Refill Iget Bar
Please follow our instructions if you still want to refill your disposable IGET Bar.
Remember that we do not recommend you refill a disposable vape because you risk wasting your vape juice after refilling the device with e-juice and having no way to extract it.
After-sales warranty service will not be available if the device is damaged due to refilling the e-juice.
Prepare The Essential Tools
refill IGET Bar prepare the tools

First of all, there are a few tools you need to prepare in advance:

  • Your empty IGET Bar 3500 Puffs
  • A nail clipper
  • A syringe (optional)
  • The e-juice
  • Tissue
Open The IGET Bar
refill IGET Bar open the IGET Bar

Now, grab the mouthpiece and pop off the top cap with your fingers back and forth. Once the top cap comes off, you can keep opening the bottom part.

The bottom part is a little hard to open, at which point you can take out your nail clipper. Use the tip of the nail clipper against the gap of the lid.

Gently rock the nail clipper up and down to loosen the bottom cover gradually.

During this process, please ensure your movements are gentle to avoid any adverse consequences caused by excessive force.

Take The Cotton Polyfill Out
refill IGET Bar take the cotton polyfill out

Once you open the device, you will find a cotton polyfill and a battery inside of a IGET Bar.

The e-juice is stored in a long, white cotton polyfill instead of a pod. The blue, shorter one is the battery connected to the bottom cover with wires.

Take them out carefully and avoid damaging their structure.

Refill The Cartridge
refill IGET Bar refill the cartidge

Now, it is the main step you have been waiting for. Remove the small silicone on top of the cotton, and select the e-juice that offers your favourite flavour. And check if it has a dropper at the top.

If there is no dropper, put the syringe into the bottle with the e-juice. Suck an appropriate amount of juice, and push the syringe down to squeeze the liquid around the cotton polyfill.

If the e-juice bottle has a dropper, place it against the cotton polyfill. Gently squeeze the bottle, and you will see the juice drip out.

The cotton should look soaked with e-juice once you are finished.

Clean The Contact Area
refill IGET Bar clean the contact area

It can be a bit messy to refill a disposable vape. Therefore, if you accidentally spill any e-juice during the process, remember to wipe it up with a clean, dry tissue.

It is also important to keep the battery dry because liquid on the exterior of the battery may prevent it from being activated for usage or even cause danger.

Close The Device
refill IGET Bar close the device

Lastly, reinsert the silicone back into place and put it with the battery back into the device.

Then, gently install the top cap and bottom cover onto the 3500 IGET Vape.

Precautions When Refilling IGET 3500 Vapes

  • Pry open the IGET Bar is not advisable.

Since the IGET Bar is a disposable vape, opening it to refill the e-juice is not recommended.

There is no guarantee that the IGET Bar will work properly after refilling. Moreover, no refunds or exchanges are available if the device is damaged.

  • Drip the e-juice in the right place.

It is necessary to avoid dripping e-juice down the centre tube of the cotton polyfill, which acts as a tunnel to intake air from the air inlets. You will get spit back and leakage from anything that falls into this.

At the same time, when the battery is activated, it can be dangerous if it has liquid attached to its outer walls.

  • Keep the interior clean.

If you don’t clean the e-juice in time, there is a chance that you will inhale unvapourised e-juice into your mouth when you are vaping, which is harmful to you.

In addition, the IGET Bar will heat the coil to produce energy to vapourise e-juice. Contact with liquids during the heating process may damage the device.

  • Avoid damaging interior sections.

To refill IGET Bar, you will need to pry open the device. And you will have a battery and a cotton polyfill inside.

Refrain from taking them apart when refilling, especially since wires connect the battery to the bottom cover, which may cause the IGET Bar to fail to function properly if you ever damage its structure.


The IGET Bar is a perfect option for many vapers, offering flexibility and high performance. Due to its disposable nature, it is time to discard it when running out of e-juice. Read How To Know When IGET Bar Is Empty to clarify whether your vape is e-juice depletion.

Again, we reiterate that it makes no sense to refill a disposable vape when you can buy a brand-new IGET Bar easily online. But if you still want to know how to refill IGET Bar, you can follow our simple step-by-step instructions.

We recommend buying from a trusted, officially authorised website like i get vape online if you want to enjoy a safer, hassle-free vaping experience.

Consider purchasing IGET 6000 Puffs, which allows you to replace the empty pod to enjoy new flavours without disposing of the device.


Can you refill disposable vape?

Disposable vapes are just one-time-use devices, and it is not recommended to refill them.

But certain disposable vapes like IGET Bars are easier to access for refilling than others. You can follow our instructions if you need to learn how to refill IGET Bar.

Is the IGET Bar Plus refillable?

No, IGET Bar Plus is a disposable vape.

However, when its e-juice is depleted, you can purchase a new IGET Bar Plus Pod to replace the empty one and enjoy vaping.

How do I get my IGET Bar to work again?

You can try to clean its mouthpiece and air inlets or snap on a new device if it is battery-depleted.

How long does an IGET Bar usually last?

Offering a capacity of up to 3500 puffs, an IGET Bar typically can last around 5-7 days, depending on personal usage patterns and vaping habits.

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