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How Do You Know When IGET Legend Is Empty: Display

How Do You Know When IGET Legend Is Empty: 4 Blatant Details

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As an enthusiast of the Legend Vape, one key question may arise: how do you know when IGET Legend is empty? This post will walk you through 4 signs indicating your IGET Legend is empty. Watch out for:

  1. Shift In Flavour
  2. Persistent LED Flashing
  3. Decreased Vapour
  4. Burnt Taste

Plus, stick around till the end, as I’ll be sharing some handy tips on prolonging the life of your IGET Legend. By the conclusion of this guide, you’ll be equipped with some valuable vaping insights.


IGET Legends ranks among the top choices for vape enthusiasts in. With over 23 distinct flavours and impressive battery longevity, it’s no surprise the IGET Vape Legend has garnered such acclaim.

However, the opaque casing design of IGET Legend Vape has created a new problem for us, that is, how to tell IGET Legend is empty.

In this article, we’ll delve into four unmistakable signs indicating the device is done. Join us on this informative journey!

How To Know When IGET Legend Is Empty Vape?

How To Know When IGET Legend Is Empty Vape?
How do you know when the IGET Vape is empty? We can judge by the flavour, LED light, vapour and burnt taste.
Shift In Flavour
How Do You Know When IGET Legend Is Empty: Shift In Flavour

When you notice the taste of your Legend Vape becoming less vibrant, with the vapour tasting bland, it’s likely a sign that the E-liquid is depleting.

At this point, the current flavours might not be providing the satisfying vape experience you’re used to.

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Persistent LED Flashing
How Do You Know When IGET Legend Is Empty: Persistent LED Flashing

If you observe the IGET Legend flashing light blinking 5-10 times consecutively every time you inhale, it signifies the battery is depleted.

Essentially, the IGET Legend 4000 has reached the end of its lifespan, and it might be time to consider a replacement.

For a deeper dive into the IGET Legend flashing light, check out the following article.

👉 IGET Legend Flashing Light: Exploring 7 Reasons Behind

Decreased Vapour
How Do You Know When IGET Legend Is Empty: Decreased Vapour

A new IGET Vape Legend will produce a substantial amount of vapour with every puff.

So, if you notice that your device no longer comes out vapour or the vapour is decreasing, it clearly indicates that the e-liquid is depleted. It’s time to move on to a new one.

Burnt Taste
How Do You Know When IGET Legend Is Empty: Burnt Taste

When the e-liquid runs out, the wick will gradually dry out. Then, the atomizer heats the cotton directly, giving off that burnt flavour.

Once you experience this, it’s time to dispose of the vape and consider getting a new one.

Keening on understanding why other IGET Vapes might taste burnt and how to address it? Dive into the article linked below.

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How Long Do IGET Legend Vapes Last?

IGET Legend has a liquid capacity of 12 ml. You can get 4000 puffs out of the vape. It usually can last you a week, but it depends on how you use it.

But based on user feedback, it provides a minimum of 5 days of consistent, high-frequency hits.

Here are several ways that can help you extend the device’s lifespan, making you enjoy the delicious e-liquid longer.

  1. Take a slow and steady vape.
  2. Wait 15-20 seconds between each puff.
  3. Store the device in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Clean the mouthpiece regularly.
  5. Lay the device flat when you do not use it.
  6. Tilt the mouthpiece upwards when vaping.
  7. Develop a good vaping habit and give yourself and the device a break appropriately.


Now, although you already know the 4 signs to identify an empty I GET Legend Vape, the Legend Vape is disposable.

It means you can not open the device and fill the e-liquid by yourself. So once the device is empty, it’s time to dispose of it.

But never mind. At IGET Vapes, you can choose a new and high-quality vape as a backup.

How To Know When IGET Legend Is Empty Vape: FAQ

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