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How Long Does IGET Moon Last?

Hey there! I'm curious about the IGET Moon K5000 disposable vape, and I was wondering how long it lasts. I've heard it has a robust 1750mAh battery, but I'm not sure about the specific duration of usage. Can you provide some insights into how many puffs I can expect from the IGET Moon K5000 before it needs to be replaced or recharged?🤔

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James M Mannino

Answered on February 23, 2024

We questioned 20 vapers with different vaping experiences and vaping habits. On average, IGET Moon can last an average of 10-20 days.

The IGET Moon K5000 disposable vape, with its 1750mAh battery and 13ml e-liquid capacity, provides approximately 5000 puffs.

For light users, the IGET Moon can be used for up to three weeks on a single charge if used three times a week, allowing for a long smoking experience without frequent recharging.

In contrast, daily users may find that the IGET Moon’s battery drains more quickly. It may only last about 10 days.

It is worth noting that an individual’s vaping habits can significantly affect the battery life of the IGET Moon, emphasising the importance of considering individual usage patterns for the best vaping experience.

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