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how to open IGET Moon

How To Open IGET Moon: 4-Step Guides, Precautions, And Tips

Quick Guide

The IGET Moon is a remarkable device that caters to vapers with an unparalleled vaping experience. If you wonder how to open IGET Moon, this four-step guide will be helpful:

  • Gather two essentials
  • Pry open the IGET Moon Vape’s casing with a screwdriver
  • Take out its battery and e-liquid tank
  • Assemble the IGET Moon K5000

Keep reading for step-by-step instructions and the video of opening an IGET Moon.


how to open IGET Moon IGET Moon Vape

The IGET Moon Vapes are a new arrival from IGET. The novel clashing colours, pebble-shaped design, and long-lasting battery life attract the attention of tech-savvy vapers.

Like other vapes from the IGET, the IGET Moon is also a disposable vape, which means you can dispose of it after running out. However, many curious users have asked how to open IGET Moon on social media like Reddit.

Therefore, as members of the professional team at IGET Vape, although we don’t recommend opening the disposable vape by yourself, we provide you with a tutorial on how to open IGET Moon to solve your doubts.

Disclaimer: These instructions on how to open IGET Moon are for educational purposes only. Opening it yourself may void any warranty on your IGET Moon. Proceed at your own risk.

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How To Open IGET Moon Vape

We crafted this video to show the entire IGET Moon opening process.

4 easy steps to open iget moon
Due to the disposable nature of the IGET Moon Vape, prying open the device may cause permanent damage to it, which could affect subsequent use.
Any resulting damage to the device will not be covered by warranty service, and you will be responsible for the consequences.
Gather two essentials
how to open IGET Moon gather two essentials
  • An IGET K5000 Moon Vape
  • A flathead screwdriver

Due to the tightness of the IGET Moon device, the smaller the flathead screwdriver, the easier it is to pry open its casing.

Pry open the IGET Moon Vape’s casing with a screwdriver
how to open IGET Moon disassemble the IGET Moon Vape

Unlike the IGET Bar Vape 3500, which has a cover at the bottom, neither the IGET Moon Device’s base nor mouthpiece is removable. Therefore, you will need a small flathead screwdriver to slowly pry the casing off along the silver part with the IGET branding.

Until an indentation is formed between the smooth side and the splatter-painted side, you can then try to force the device to pry it open on both sides.

This process requires patience as the device’s casing is very tight and difficult to open. Be careful not to cut your hand when using the sharp tool to open it.

Take out its battery & e-liquid tank
how to open IGET Moon take out the battery & e-liquid tank

After disassembling the IGET Moon, you will see two main sections inside: a battery and an e-liquid tank, which are held together by the rubber bracket.

The IGET Moon has a whopping 1750mAh battery attached to the rubber part by wires. When you inhale from the mouthpiece, the battery is activated to generate heat to atomise your e-liquid so you can enjoy IGET Moon Vape flavours.

Note: Do not damage its internal structure when you remove the heating system to avoid rendering the device unusable.

Assemble the IGET Moon K5000
how to open IGET Moon assemble the IGET Moon K5000

If your curiosity has been satisfied, it’s time to reassemble the IGET Moon. Slide the battery and e-liquid tank back into the device inside, and make sure the wires are not being pinched. After everything is in place, close the other half of the device’s casing back up.

Now, you can continue to enjoy your IGET Moon.

Precautions During Open The IGET Moon

  • Understand the risks

The IGET Moon K5000 is not designed to be opened, as evidenced by the tightness of its case. Therefore, when you use tools to pry it open, you will inevitably damage its casing or even the internal heating system, causing the device to suffer permanent damage.

At this point, the damage caused by the opening process will not be covered by the warranty. Consider carefully before deciding whether to proceed.

  • Don’t damage the Moon Vape

When you take out the heating system, don’t damage its structure. For example, cutting the tapes that wrap the battery and e-liquid tank together or breaking the wires might make the device unusable.

  • Avoid water exposure

Exposure of the battery and wires to water can lead to corrosion, short circuits, and, in rare cases, explosions.

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Tips For How To Use The IGET Moons

Since the IGET Moon is a new product, vapers may still need to become more familiar with it. Here is the step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of your device.

  • Unbox the IGET Moon

When you get the IGET Moon, check its ingredients listed on the product packaging and the authenticity of the product. Then, remove the silicone cap from the mouthpiece and the sticker attached to the bottom air hole.

  • Activate the device

For users’ convenience, the Moon Vape is draw-activated, meaning there are no buttons to press. Take a puff from the mouthpiece, and the device will automatically activate and deliver vapour.

  • Enjoy the IGET Moon flavours

You’ll experience the rich taste of your favourite IGET Moon flavour as you inhale. The smooth vaping experience and the delightful taste will leave you raving.

What Is The IGET Moon K5000 Price

The IGET Moon price varies from store to store. But here at I Get Vape Online, we are providing the most affordable price:

Happy shopping!


If you are curious about the internal structure of the IGET Moon and wonder how to open an IGET Moon, this guide will teach you what to do. This tutorial is for educational purposes only, and we do not recommend opening it yourself. Once opened, the warranty will be invalid, and all damages will be at your own risk.


How to open an IGET Moon K5000?

Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry the casing off along the silver part until an indentation is formed.

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