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how to recharge IGET Moon

How To Recharge IGET Moon: 6 Steps To Quickly Get It Done

Quick Guide

New for 2024, the IGET Moon has impressed many smokers. Although it is a disposable vape, many users are curious about how to recharge IGET Moon to extend its lifespan.

While it’s not recommended to charge a disposable vape, as an informative reference, you can recharge the IGET Moon in 6 simple steps:

  • Prepare four essentials
  • Open IGET Moon Vape with a flathead screwdriver
  • Strip back the charging cable
  • Connect the wires to the battery of the IGET Moon K5000
  • Charge the battery of the Moon IGET for 5-10 minutes
  • Assembling the Moon Vape

If you want more detailed information, we will provide step-by-step charging instructions.


how to recharge IGET Moon IGET Moon device

IGET Moon features an impressive 1750mAh battery as a disposable vape to ensure prolonged vaping sessions. However, some users have encountered the dilemma of running out of battery while having a lot of e-liquid left, making them curious about how to recharge IGET Moon.

Therefore, as a professional team with experienced vaping experts, we’ll walk you through the process of charging the IGET Moon.

Disclaimer: This article about how to recharge IGET Moon is for reference only, and the manufacturer does not recommend restoring it. Recharging it may void any warranty on your IGET Moon. Proceed at your own risk.

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How To Recharge IGET Moon K5000

This video will guide you on how to recharge IGET Moon.

6 simple steps for charging
Recharge IGET Moon 5000 could bring potential dangers due to its disposable nature. Take precautions to ensure your safety when charging, and wear insulated gloves to avoid electric shock hazards if necessary.
Prepare four essentials
how to recharge IGET Moon prepare the tools

The IGET Moon recharge process will need some essential tools:

  • An IGET Moon
  • A micro-USB cable
  • A socket
  • A sharp instrument, such as a small flathead screwdriver.
Open IGET Moon Vape with a flathead screwdriver
how to recharge IGET Moon open the IGET Moon Vape

Different from other vapes with nicotine IGET offers, you cannot open the bottom of the IGET Moon.

Its outer casing has smooth and splatter-painted sides, joined in the middle by a silver piece. To open the IGET Moon, you need to insert a small flathead screwdriver between two sides until an indent is created.

Pry the IGET Moon half of the casing along the silver piece. This process will require you to use force, but be careful not to damage the device for subsequent use.

After disassembling the IGET Moon, you will see its entire heating system, including a battery connected with red and black wires, an e-liquid tank, the coils, and the rubber parts that hold the heating system in place.

Crucial Caution: Violent disassembly or damaging the internal structure would bring the risk of rendering the IGET Moon Vape unusable.

Once you’ve performed this operation, you cannot return or exchange the product. Any damage in this process is your sole responsibility.

Strip back the charging cable
how to recharge IGET Moon strip back the charging cable

Unlike the rechargeable vape IGET offers, the IGET Moon K5000 doesn’t come with a charging cable. Therefore, you’ll need to strip one of your charging cables to recharge it.

Cut the charging cable with scissors carefully to untangle the wires inside. You’ll find four wires in different colours: blue (black in some cases), red, white, and green.

Connect the wires to the battery of the IGET Moon K5000
how to recharge IGET Moon connect the wires to the battery

Take out the IGET Moon’s built-in battery to detach its wires. Then, match the colours of the cables and connect them to the battery. Red to red for the positive terminal and blue (or black) to black for the negative terminal.

Charge the battery of the Moon IGET for 5-10 minutes
how to recharge IGET Moon charge the battery of the Moon IGET for 5-10 minutes

After the battery and charger wires are connected properly, plug the other end of the charging cable into the socket and turn the power on. Charging it for 5-10 minutes is sufficient.

When the battery is reconnected with the original wires and the bottom indicator light illuminates, charging has been successful.

Cautions: Keep an eye on the battery during charging. If you notice the battery or the charger is overheating, making weird noises, or even emitting smoke, stop charging immediately to avoid more severe consequences.

Using an outlet with short-circuit protection to avoid potential electric shocks.

Assembling the Moon Vape
how to recharge IGET Moon assembling the Moon Vape

Once charging is complete, disconnect the battery from the cables and connect the battery to the Moon Vape’s original wires. Align the red wire underneath the battery and place the black wire on top.

Reinsert the battery into the rubber parts and place the whole internal structure in the device. Ensure it’s securely in place to prevent any e-liquid leakage after reassembling, and your vape should be ready for use again.

Things You Should Know About Charging The IGET Moon K5000

Risk Alert

It’s crucial to remember that charging your IGET Moon K5000 could be dangerous, as it is not designed to be recharged. Once you’ve opened the vape, any customer service is invalid.

Monitor the charging time

Charging too long will not only damage the battery but may also cause more serious consequences. We recommend setting the battery within 5-10 minutes for safety.

Prevent electric shock hazard

It’s important to ensure everything, including your hands, is dry and clean before charging. Also, checking the power source is necessary to prevent short circuits.

Cut off the power immediately if you find any abnormality during charging.

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Charging a disposable vape is potentially risky and is not recommended. But if you are curious about how to charge IGET Moon K5000, these instructions will be helpful.

Remember that this article is for reference only. Once you’ve opened the IGET Moon, the after-sales service is invalid. Proceed at your own risk.


How many minutes does disposable vape charge?

General charging time is at most 60 minutes to avoid damaging the battery. However, charging time varies from device to device. You’d better follow the manufacturer’s instructions if your disposable vape is rechargeable.

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