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how to refill IGET Hot

How To Refill IGET Hot? 4 Quick Steps To Solve It

Although IGET Hots Vape is not refillable, many users are still curious about how to refill IGET Hot.

Therefore, here is an unofficial guide in 4 quick steps for these users:

  1. Dissembling the bottom and shell body.
  2. Unscrew the e-liquid tank.
  3. Refill the e-liquid
  4. Assembling

It should be noted again that IGET Hot 5500 is a non-refillable disposable vape. Any attempt to disassemble, refill or recharge it would be at your own risk.

Please be clear about the safety warning before reading for more details.


IGET Hot is an outstanding vape belonging to IGET. This disposable vape comes with a high capacity of 5500+ puffs.

This unofficial guide aims to reduce risk while personally refilling IGET Hot 5500.

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How To Confirm E-Liquid Has Run Out

Here are a few signals to identify if the e-liquid runs out before your refills.

  1. Burnt taste: The lack of e-liquid results in insufficient vaporization.
  2. Loss of flavour: Flavour becomes dull when e-liquid is reduced.
  3. Serious e-liquid leakage: Indicating the e-liquid is not much left.
how to confirm IGET Hot e-liquid has run out

Preparation Before Refilling IGET Hot

Let’s go through the preparation, aiming to facilitate the process and minimize safety risks.

1. Check The Remaining E-Liquid

IGET Vape Hot has a visualized tank to confirm the e-liquid remaining.

IGET Hot visualized tank

2. Check The Remaining Battery Power

  • Constant green light: The battery is sufficient.
  • Flashing green light / Dim light: The battery runs out, and there is no need to refill the e-liquid.
check the bottom light of IGET Hot

3. Purchase The E-Liquid Yourself

This disposable vape does not come with e-liquid substitutes, so you need to purchase e-liquid separately.

Or you could change to a new vape. Click to know the latest and greatest discounts on IGET Flavours!

How To Refill IGET Hot
1. Ensure a cool and dry environment away from high temperature or pressure.
2. Consider wearing rubber gloves in case of e-liquid leaks or electronic shocks.
Dissembling The Bottom And Shell Body
  1. Use a Plier or a rasp to tear down the bottom of the IGET Vape Hot.
  2. Slowly rotate to unscrew the shell body.
  3. Here’s the battery connecting with the e-liquid tank.
dissembling the IGET Hots bottom and vape shell body
Unscrew The E-Liquid Tank

Remember to turn the mouthpiece end down all the time in case of e-liquid spilling out.

  1. Rotate to unscrew the connected part of the battery and e-liquid tank slowly and gently.
  2. Inspect if there is any blockage inside and use cloth to clean it.
rotate to unscrew the e-liquid tank
Refill The E-Liquid

Use a dropper to refill the tank or directly refill it.

No contact with the container: Always keep the dropper suspended vertically 0.5 cm above the container to avoid contamination.
Control your frequency: Don’t pour a large amount of e-liquid quickly, which leads to a spill.
Estimate the number of drops: Based on the discussion of Quora users, most people considered that 20 drops equal 1 ml.

However, the actual amount depends on the density of the e-liquid and the size of the dropper.

Information Source:
drop e-liquid into IGET Hot
Assembling The IGET Vape Hot
  1. Slowly rotate and tighten the e-liquid tank cover.
  2. Reinstall the shell body around the atomizer, battery and tank.
  3. Reinstall the bottom.
assembling the IGET Vape Hot

Make sure that the units are in the right place as they were when you first opened.

Try to inhale a little to check if it works with a constant green light.

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Safety Tips About How To Refill IGET Hot

Irreversible damage: Follow the guide to avoid irreversible damage.
E-liquid incompatibility: Incompatible e-liquid may mismatch the atomizer and bring risk.
Avoid high temperature & high pressure & dust: These conditions may lead to burning or explosion.
Flavour loss: IGET 5500 Hot Flavours would be reduced after frequent refilling.
safety tips how to refill IGET Hot


Above all is the unofficial guide on how to refill IGET Hot while minimizing risk. Any consequences of dissembling and refilling this vape are at your own risk.

More information about IGET Vape Hot or other IGET Vapes is in IGET.

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