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How To Open IGET Bar: 5 Easy Steps To A Quick Open

Quick Guide

Before formally introducing how to open IGET Bars, I want to clarify that opening this Vape can be dangerous, and you assume the risk of doing so.

Here are the detailed steps about how to pull apart IGET Bars:

  • Gather the necessary tools
  • Use pliers to grip the IGET Bar’s bottom
  • Gently sway the pliers from left to right
  • Pull out the bottom cover of the vape
  • Successfully open IGET Bar

If you are interested in opening the IGET 3500 quickly, read on with me!


how to open IGET Bar: IGET Bar display

IGET Bar is a disposable vape, and opening it yourself carries risks. Therefore, we do not recommend opening the vape.

However, to satisfy the curiosity of many vapers about the internal structure of IGET Vape Bar, this article provides a detailed guide on how to take apart IGET Bar.

We aim to help you gain a deeper understanding of this vape.

Why Open IGET Bar?

Two main reasons vapers might consider opening IGET Bar are curiosity and the desire to recharge it.

If your curiosity leads you to explore the inside IGET Bar, there’s no need to open it physically. You can satisfy your curiosity by reading this article or referring to the following article.

However, if you intend to know how to recharge IGET Bar 3500, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks involved, and you can find helpful guidance in the article below.

Please remember that we strongly advise against opening IGET 3500 at any time due to potential risks to your safety and the device’s functioning.

If you decide to open it yourself and jeopardize your safety, it’s not a worthwhile endeavour.

Additionally, if you end up causing damage to the device during the process, seeking help from the device’s after-sales service to resolve any issues may become difficult.

How To Open IGET Bars: Tool List

  • IGET Bar vape
  • A pair of pliers

Please ensure that the opening size of your pliers can accommodate the bottom of IGET Bar.

How To Open IGET Bar: Detailed Steps

How to open a Vape iget bar?
I will provide you with a detailed guide on how to open IGET Bar vape in five steps.
However, please remember that we do not recommend you open the IGET Vape Bar for your safety.  
Gather the necessary tools
how to open IGET Bar: gather the necessary tools

Before you open the IGET Bar, make sure to have a pair of pliers with an opening wide enough to accommodate the size of the IGET Bar’s bottom.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to proceed with the next steps.

Tip: It’s even better if you wear gloves, as it can prevent accidental injuries to your hands during the process.

Use pliers to grip the IGET Bar’s bottom
how to open IGET Bar: use pliers to grip IGET Bar's bottom

Now, use one hand to grip the upper part of the IGET Bar and use the other hand to hold the bottom part gently with the pliers.

Ensure that the pliers’ tip snugly fits along the edge of the bottom to provide a firm grip.

During this process, avoid applying excessive force to prevent damage to the IGET Bar vape.

Gently sway the pliers from left to right
how ro open IGET Bar: gently sway the pliers from left to right

Once you have gripped the bottom part of the IGET Bar with the pliers, gently sway the pliers from left to right to loosen the bottom cover gradually.

During IGET Bar disassembly, please ensure your movements are gentle to avoid any adverse consequences caused by excessive force.

Pull out the bottom cover of the vape
how to open IGET Bar: pull out the bottom cover of the vape

Please carefully remove the bottom cover of the IGET Bar. But, do you know how to get the bottom of an iget bar off?

After gently swaying the bottom part with the pliers, you will feel that the bottom cover loosened.

At this point, with steady and gentle movements, take the bottom cover off the IGET Vape Bar.

Successfully open IGET Bar
how to open IGET Bar: successfully open IGET Bar

Now, you have successfully opened the IGET Bar! You can gently remove the internal parts of the IGET Bar according to your needs.

How To Open A IGET Vape: Safety Tips

Check IGET Bar

Before opening IGET Bar, inspect the appearance of the IGET Bar for any damages or signs of leakage to prevent accidents.

Keep dry environment

When opening IGETz Bar, ensure that the surrounding environment is dry to avoid water or other liquids from entering the device’s internal components.

Because it could cause damage or other safety hazards.

Avoid excessive force

Exerting excessive force may damage the structure or components of the IGET Bar.

Use Protective Gear

You can wear protective gear, such as gloves, to prevent accidental injuries using pliers.


Now, you already know how to take apart an IGET Bar. We must again emphasise that opening IGET Bar alone is risky for your safety.

The detailed explanation of the 5 steps in this article is solely to satisfy your curiosity, but in reality, we do not support the self-opening of the device.

If you wish to continue your vaping experience, buying a new IGET Bar from IGET Vape is safer, more convenient, and faster.

This way, you won’t have to risk opening it yourself and avoid potential hazards to your safety and device.

IGET Vape is committed to providing you with a safe and ultimate vaping experience!


Does the IGET Bar 3500 have nicotine?

Yes, IGET Bar nicotine content has two types: 5% and 0%.

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