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IGET Bar Plus taste burnt

Why Does My IGET Bar Plus Taste Burnt? 5 Effective Ways To Fix It

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The IGET Bar Plus is an improved version of the IGET Bar, with various new and upgraded features. However, sometimes when using it, you may experience a nasty burnt taste which is not ideal. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with five effective solutions to enhance your vaping experience:

  • Take your time when vaping
  • Keep on top of your E-liquid levels
  • Use or storage in proper environment
  • Use appropriate e-liquids
  • Consider replacing a new vape

As someone who has helped hundreds of vapers fix their burnt taste issues, I will break it down and give you the lowdown on how to fix your IGET Bar Plus taste burnt issue. If you’re ready to step up your vaping game, keep reading!


The IGET Bar Plus 6000 Puffs has quickly become one of the most popular vaping devices among vapers. This is due to its rechargeable nature and replaceable IGET disposable pod, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality when compared to other IGET vapes. Currently, it is causing a huge buzz in the vaping community.

IGET Bar Plus delivers 6000 puffs per charge

Despite its many benefits, the IGET 6000 puffs are not immune to burnt taste, which can be a problem for some users.

In order to enhance the vaping experience, we conducted research and analysis to identify the five most common reasons why the IGET Bar Plus taste burnt. We have provided practical solutions and prevention measures to address these issues.

Solving the issue of the IGET disposable pod producing a burnt taste will be simple and easy. Let’s get it done!

IGET Bar Plus Taste Burnt – What Is It?

The Basic Information of the IGET Bar Plus

To address burnt taste issues with your 6000 puffs IGET, it’s important to have a good understanding of how it works. Familiarizing yourself with each step of the vape’s working process can help you identify the root cause of the problem and apply the appropriate fix.

The IGET Vape Bar Plus is made up of two major parts:

IGET Bar Plus not working how it work

  • Disposal Pod (Mouthpiece+Atomizer+Coil)
  • Vape Device (Battery)

To activate the Bar Plus battery, simply inhale for the first time. This will power the coil in the atomizer, which heats up quickly and transfers heat to the cotton wicking material.

The E-liquid absorbed by the cotton wick is then turned into vapour, drawn up through the mouthpiece, and inhaled by the user.

However, if there isn’t enough E-liquid in the wick, the cotton material will burn, creating an unpleasant burnt taste that lingers in your mouth. While insufficient E-liquid is the main cause of this taste, other factors can also make your disposable vape taste burnt.

Reasons For Taste Burnt

Reasons for IGET Bar Plus taste burnt -2

Have you ever wondered why your vape pen sometimes produces a burnt taste? Through extensive research and consultation with e-cigarette experts, I have compiled a list of common reasons for this occurrence in the electronic cigarettes currently available on the market.

  • Dry Wick

When your vape tastes burnt, it is likely due to the atomizer coil’s wick being burned up and dried out, resulting in an unpleasant burnt taste. The wick is meant to heat up the E-liquid you’re trying to consume, but when it is dried out, it burns itself instead.

Another possible reason for a burnt taste is if the wick is not fully saturated by the E-liquid. In this case, the wick will char itself, resulting in a dry hit that tastes like burning.

  • Coil degradation

Coil degradation is a natural process that occurs as you continue to use your vape. Over time, the coil’s performance will gradually decline due to a buildup of residue from the E-liquid you use.

This accumulation of debris can cause the coil to become less efficient at heating up the E-liquid, leading to a longer heating time and a burnt taste.

  • E-liquid issues
  1. Using the wrong type of E-liquid

Each vape kit is designed to work best with a specific type of E-liquid. If the E-liquid you’re using is either too thick or too thin, it could produce a burnt taste, damage the coil, or even cause leaks.

  1. Using a E-liquid with much sweetener

Sweetener is packed with sugar, which can easily clog up your coils with gunk. Over time, this gunk will crystallize and solidify, ultimately damaging your coil. A wick covered in gunk and crystallized sugar won’t be able to absorb vape juice as easily, and this will burn it out, causing a burnt taste.

IGET Bar Plus Taste Burnt – Why It Happen?

IGET Bar Plus Taste Burnt – Chain Vaping

IGET Bar Plus taste burnt - Chain vaping

Many former smokers engage in chain vaping, frequently taking puffs in an effort to replicate the feeling of continuously smoking cigarettes.

However, this practice prevents the wick from having enough time to recharge and absorb E-liquid. As a result, the cotton material may become dried out, causing it to combust.

This results in a small amount of burnt vapour mixing with the remaining vapour from the e-juice on the wick, which can cause the IGET Vape 6000 puffs to taste burnt.

IGET Bar Plus Taste Burnt – Using When E-liquid is Low

IGET Bar Plus taste burnt - Using when E-liquid is low

As mentioned earlier, a low level of E-liquid can cause burnt hits. If the wick inside your IGET disposable pod doesn’t have enough E-liquid, you may taste a burnt flavour.

The wick absorbs the E-liquid when you vape, which is then heated by the coil and turned into vapour. Without enough E-liquid, the coil heats up the dry wick, causing an unpleasant burnt taste.

IGET Bar Plus Taste Burnt – Using In Extreme Environments

IGET Bar Plus taste burnt extreme environments

The Bar Plus Vape is designed to function properly under normal environmental conditions. However, using the device in extreme environments, such as very high or low temperatures, can cause malfunctions and burnt taste.

When the temperature drops, the E-liquid thickens, which slows down the flow of liquid into the atomizer. If the temperature is too high, the coil can heat up too quickly. In either situation, the cotton wick may not soak up enough E-liquid in time, resulting in a burnt flavour.

IGET Bar Plus Taste Burnt – Adding E-liquid with Unknown Ingredients to a Pod

IGET Bar Plus taste burnt add e-liquid

Please be aware that the IGET Bar Plus Pod contains E-liquid with a fixed PG/VG ratio. Introducing unfamiliar ingredients to the E-liquid may disturb the PG/VG balance.

PG is a thinner substance than VG, which makes it easier for wicks to absorb vape juices with a higher ratio of PG.

If your E-liquid is too thick and does not saturate the wick quickly, you may encounter dry puffs that can damage your wick.

IGET Bar Plus Taste Burnt – How To Avoid It?

5 Effective Ways To Fix IGET Bar Plus Taste Burnt Problem
Here are five solutions to fix the issue of IGET Bar Plus taste burnt. These solutions may help you get rid of the problem.
Take your time when vaping
IGET Bar Plus taste burnt: Take your time when vaping

Repeated short and frequent puffs can dry out the coil wick. Instead, try taking longer, slower puffs and waiting for 15 to 20 seconds between puffs. This will allow the atomizer wick to absorb the E-liquid and provide a more enjoyable vaping experience with bigger clouds.

Keep on top of your E-liquid levels

The usage of E-liquid can be monitored and recorded by tracking weight changes of the IGET vape pod. If the weight of the pod is too light, it indicates that the E-liquid is running low.

Keeping the pod primarily full most of the time will minimize the occurrence of burnt hits and enhance your experience.

Use or storage in proper environment
IGET Bar Plus taste burnt: In-proper-environment

For optimum vape coil burning performance, operate your Bar Plus 6000 at temperatures between 0-35°C at normal atmospheric pressure.

Use appropriate E-liquids
IGET Bar Plus taste burnt: Use Appropriate E-liquids

Only use E-liquids that are specifically designed for IGET Pod systems. Do not add E-liquid to the pod yourself. Additionally, avoid using E-liquids that contain high levels of sweeteners, as they can cause the coil to burn out faster.

Consider replacing a new Vape Pod

If you experience coil aging, wick dryness, or E-liquid depletion, the simplest and quickest solution is to replace your pod with a new one.

The IGET Bar Vape Plus features a replaceable pod system, which allows for easy switching between E-liquid flavours without the need to refill or change the coil.

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If your IGET Bar Plus tastes burnt, don’t freak out. Just follow the five tips we’ve listed above and you might be able to solve the problem. And hey, if you’re thinking about buying a new vape, I GET has got you covered. We’ve got a huge selection of authentic disposable vapes for you to choose from. So go ahead and check out our shop and start shopping!

FAQ About IGET Bar Plus Taste Burnt

When to replace my 6000 puffs IGET?

For the best vaping experience, it is recommended that you replace your IGET Bar Plus device after 5 pod changes, with a maximum of 10 pod changes. To fully experience the flavour of the IGET Bar Plus, I recommend replacing your device in a timely manner.

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