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IGET Goat not working

Why IGET Goat Not Working? 5 Quick Steps To Solve

Have you ever met your IGET Goat not working while vaping? This article, written by a 5-year vaper, will help you to solve it in 5 quick steps.

Here are the 5 usual reasons for the IGET Goat not working:

  1. E-liquid leakage
  2. Run-out e-liquid or battery
  3. Broken battery indicator
  4. Broken air inlets
  5. Broken heating system

Want to know the proper solutions for them? Then keep on reading!


IGET Vape is a prominent brand with great popularity in the vape market.

This brand has made efforts to discover and address vape device failures, including the IGET Goat Vape.

IGET Goat Settings

The structure of this vape is quite simple, consisting of:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Adjustable airflow switch
  • Visualized e-liquid tank
  • Battery
  • Atomizer
  • Coil

The problem of device failure is usually due to one or more damaged components, which require you to check them one by one.

basic information of iget goat to understand why iget goat not working

5 Steps To Check IGET Goat Not Working

Here are 5 steps to inspect your IGET Goat Vape quickly.

1. Check The Body

Reason – E-Liquid Leakage

E-liquid leaking is the most common reason for the IGET Goat not working, which can be attributed to 3 reasons:

  1. E-liquid tank damage
  2. Pro-longed vaping time
  3. Exceed vaping strength

We could touch the vape body, air inlets and mouthpiece to check if the e-liquid leaks.


  • If the leakage is limited to the body appearance, use a cotton swab or a clean wet rag to clean the vape body gently.
  • If the leakage has penetrated the inner part, we recommend you throw it away immediately to avoid any danger.
iget goat leaking

2. Check The E-Liquid Tank

Reason – E-Liquid Run-Out

Have you ever met this situation while you are vaping the IGET Goat?

  1. Gradually decreasing vapour
  2. Burnt taste while vaping
  3. The blinking light of the battery indicator

Above are all signals of e-liquid run out, reminding you to check the IGET Goat visualized e-liquid tank to confirm the e-liquid remaining.


  • If the e-liquid is run out, purchase a new Goat Vape.
  • If not, follow the subsequent steps.

3. Check The Battery Indicator And The Vapour

If the e-liquid is not run out, there may be other reasons for the battery indicator. Here are 3 common situations:

1. Flashing Light – Low Battery

Since IGET Vape Goat is disposable, it’s better to throw it and purchase a new one than charge it, preventing unpredictable danger.

2. Unlit light With Vape Working – Broken Battery Indicator

The battery indicator may be broken, but it won’t influence your vaping.

3. Lighting Consistently But Vape Not Working – Other Units Malfunctions

If you find that the indicator light is lighting normally, not becoming dim or flashing, but the Goat vape is not producing vapour accordingly, there may be a malfunction in the heating system, airflow or mouthpiece.

Keep reading to find out why IGET Goat shines without a cloud.

battery indicatior flashing of IGET Goat Vape

4. Check The Airflow And Mouthpiece


If you find your Goat Vape is not producing vapour while the battery indicator is still lighting, it may be due to the broken airflow or mouthpiece. It could be caused by the following reasons:

  1. A tumble that’s caused the airflow or mouthpiece to break or go missing
  2. Accidental burning that’s melted the mouthpiece or airflow
  3. Blockage within the airflow or mouthpiece
blockage iget goat airflow or mouthpiece


  • For conditions 1 and 2, it will be hard to fix them by yourselves. Please buy a new Goat Vape instead of disassembling it.
  • For condition 3, you could try to use a clean cotton swab to remove the dust or other blockages in the mouthpiece or airflow.

5. Confirmation Of The Damaged Heating System

Reason – Malfunctions With The Heating System

Now comes the final step. If the above conditions do not happen to your IGET Goat Vape, the reason may be due to a malfunctioning heating system.

  • If you find that the vape is not heated at all, the battery and coil might be damaged.
  • If you find that the battery indicator is still lighting but without vapour coming out of the mouthpiece, it may be the failure of the atomizer.


We do not suggest repairing the IGET Vape Goat as it is a disposable device. It can be dangerous and may cost more than replacing the device entirely.

If you confirm that it is the heating system damage, we recommend you purchase a new IGET Goat Vape.


Just remember the above 5 steps and remember not to disassemble the IGET Goat Vape by yourselves. Then, you will find this problem is simple to solve and will no longer bother you.

If you want to know more details about IGET Vape Goat, please visit our website of IGET.

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How long does a goat vape last?

Generally, IGET Vape Goat 5000 puffs could be used up around 7-10 days.

For heavy vapers, this time period would be shorter.

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