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IGET Bar not working display

IGET Bar Not Working: Decoding The Top 6 Probable Reasons


“Why is my IGET Bar not working?” As a veteran with years of IGET vaping experience, I needed to help you all with this article by answering this query and solving it quickly.

Here are six reasons why your IGET Bars are not working:

  • Clogged mouthpiece/airflow
  • Damaged mouthpiece/airflow
  • Running out of battery power
  • E-liquid depletion
  • E-liquid leakage
  • Damaged heating system

Next, I will take you through these 6 causes of the IGET Bar not working in detail and help you quickly find a solution for your IGET Bar stopped working!


IGET Bar not working: IGET Bars display

The IGET Bar 3500 has gained many vapers as one of the most flavorful, cost-effective, and premium IGET Vapes. However, the IGET Bar vape also suffers from the same problem that all Vapes can suffer, which is malfunctioning.

To help vapers have a better vaping experience, IGET Vapes has continuously conducted research and analysis and finally compiled the 6 most likely reasons why IGET Bar stopped not working and provided useful solutions.

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How Does IGET Bar Work?

IGET Bar not working: Construction diagram of IGET Bar

If you want to know why IGET Bar vape not working, then you first need to know how it works. Only if you know every step of the vape’s working process can you find the root cause of the problem and then apply the right remedy.

First of all, we should know that the construction of the IGET Vape Bar mainly includes five major parts: mouthpiece, e-liquid tank, atomizer, battery and airflow.

Any problem with any part may cause the vapes not to work. Here is how the IGET 3500 works:

Inhaling on the mouthpiece, air enters the Vape through the airflow.
The coil in the atomizer starts to work, and the heating system starts to heat the e-liquid.
The e-liquid is vaporized into a richly flavoured vapour.
The vapour reaches your mouth through the mouthpiece.

This is a very smooth and perfect workflow for the 3500 IGET vapes, but if any part of the process goes wrong, it will result in a situation where the IGET Bar not working.

Reasons For IGET Bar Not Working

After understanding how IGET Bars work, analyzing the top 6 reasons why IGET vape 3500 is not working is very easy and understandable.

Clogged mouthpiece/airflow

If your I GET Bar is not working, it is possible that the mouthpiece or airflow is clogged, which is one of the easiest problems to find and fix.

Looking at the mouthpiece and the airflow at the IGET Bar bottom, you can see if any foreign material is present.

When there is a foreign object blocking the mouthpiece or airflow, the airflow will not be able to enter the vape or exit the mouthpiece and the IGET Vape Bar can not work.

Damaged mouthpiece/airflow

Damage to the mouthpiece or airflow can also cause the 3500 IGET vape not to work. Similarly, looking at its exterior, you can easily determine if the pod vape is broken. And the reason for their damage could be:

  • External collisions
  • Frequent disassembly of IGET 3500 puffs
  • Impact of high-temperature environment

Running out of battery power

Running out of battery power

The I GET Bar vape has a 1500mAh battery capacity, and when the power runs out, the IGET Bar will be not working, something that all disposable vapes cannot avoid.

When vaping, the IGET Bar light stays on, which is normal, but If you notice the Bar vape flashing light continually, this could signify a depleted battery.

  • IGET Bar light staying on (when vaping) – Normal
  • IGET Bar light flashing continually – Depleted battery (utmost probability)

However, a blinking vape indicator doesn’t always mean a drain of battery, so if you’re interested in the reasons why the vape indicator light on your vape is blinking, you can read this article on IGET Legend Flashing Light: Exploring 7 Reasons Behind.

E-liquid depletion

When you notice that when you vaping, the vapour becomes less, the flavour mellows, and the sound of the vape working changes, and then the vape stops working.

This indicates that the IGET Vape Bar is running out of e-liquid.

It’s easy to understand that when the e-liquid runs out, the life of the vape is over and the IGET 3500 also stops working.

E-liquid leakage

IGET Bar E-liquid leakage

E-liquid leakage is the most common visual reason we can observe for an IGET Bar not working. The following are three signs of e-liquid leakage:

  •  E-liquid leakage

E-liquid leaks out from the mouthpiece or other parts of the IGET 3500.

  • Abnormal vapour

leaked e-liquid seeps into the heating element inside of an IGET 3500 vape, resulting in uneven heating and abnormal vapour.

  • Abnormal flavour

Leaking e-liquid may drip onto other vape parts, producing an abnormally burnt flavour.

With these three manifestations, you will be able to determine if the reason why the IGET Bar not working is an e-liquid leakage.

Damaged heating system

If none of the above five reasons is the reason why your Bar vape is not working, then it is highly likely that your Bar vape’s heating system is damaged.

The heating system of the IGET Vape Bar mainly consists of the battery and the atomizer.

When the battery or the atomiser coils are damaged, the entire IGET Bar workflow will be interrupted, and eventually, it may not work again.

How Do I Get My IGET Bar To Work Again?

How to fix IGET Bar?
We now know the 6 reasons why the IGET Bar doesn’t work. But Do you know how to get IGET Bars to work again? I’ll give you the appropriate solution for each situation.
Check the mouthpiece and airflow

Check that the mouthpiece and airflow aren’t blocked, and if so, you can use a cotton swab or needle to gently remove the foreign material from them. To prevent this from happening again, you can close the mouthpiece cap and store the Bar vape in a clean, cool place after each use.

Store Bars vape properly
store Bars vape properly

To prevent the situation of a Damaged mouthpiece and airflow from happening again, you need to store your Bars vape properly, avoid leaving it in hot and messy environments, and not disassemble the Bar vape yourself.

Recharging the IGET Bar
List of tools to open IGET Bar and how to recharge IGET Bar

Since the Bar is a disposable vape, the battery capacity is limited, and it is normal for the battery to run out. You have the option of recharging your Bar vape to solve this problem.

If you want to recharge your 3500 IGET vape, refer to the article How To Recharge A IGET Bar – 5 Easy Steps To Get It Done, which will provide a detailed recharging tutorial. However, disassembling and recharging the I GET Bar on your own is dangerous, and we advise you not to do so.

Wipe off the e-liquid

When the e-liquid leakage is only on the outer shell of the 3500 IGET vapes, you can gently wipe off the e-liquid with a clean, damp rag. But if the e-liquid leakage is on the inside of an IGET Bar, we recommend you stop using it as it poses a safety hazard.

Buying a new IGET Bar or IGET Bar Plus

For IGET Vape Bars that have reached the end of their normal lifespan, I GET Bar’repairing fees that are much more expensive than the IGET Bar price, and vape issues that are difficult to resolve on your own, we recommend that you buy a new IGET Vape to continue the vape experience. For example:

  • E-liquid depletion
  • Damaged heating system
  • Running out of battery power
  • Damage to the mouthpiece or airflow

You can choose a new IGET Bar or an upgraded version of the IGET Bar Plus, which can recharge and has replaceable pods, providing you with the ultimate vaping experience.

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Return the Bar vape

If you notice that your IGET Vape Bar is not working at the beginning of receiving it, it may result from improper shipping. In this case, we recommend that you contact the seller of the vape to return it.

Why Does My IGET Bar Taste Burnt?

IGET vape Bars’ burnt flavour comes from the e-liquid running out before the battery does. When the device runs out of e-liquid, and the heating system of IGET Bar keeps burning, a vaper will taste burnt.

However, this is rarely the case with the IGET vape because the designers of the I GET Bar are constantly upgrading the configuration of the Bar. If you want to learn more about dry firing, click on the 👉 IGET Bar Tastes Burnt: 7 Useful Steps To Get Rid Of It

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Why Is My IGET Bar Hissing?

Why does my IGET Bar hiss? Actually, the Bar makes a hissing sound during operation, which is usually normal.

This hissing sound occurs when the heating element inside the IGET Bar heats the vaporized e-liquid. The following is the exact process by which the hissing sound is produced:

When vaping, air enters the interior of the vape through the airflow.
The heating system is activated and starts to heat the e-liquid.
The e-liquid vaporizes quickly into vapour.
The process of producing vapour causes a small explosion known as a hissing sound.

However, when you notice that the Bar works with an unusually loud hissing sound or is accompanied by other unusual sounds, this may indicate that there is indeed a problem with the I GET Bar. We recommend you stop using it and seek professional service for your safety.

How Long Do IGET Bar Vapes Last For?

The IGET Bar’s usage time varies from person to person, depending on how often you vape. Bars vape has 3500 puffs. If you vape 800 puffs daily, you can use it for roughly 4 days.

According to surveys, moderate vapers use it for 5-6 days and heavy vapers can use it for about 4-5 days.


Seeing this, you have learned the most detailed and complete 6 reasons why the IGET Bar not working and how to fix IGET Vape.

When you really face this problem, you can directly follow the instructions in the article. But please remember, please don’t disassemble the IGET Bar by yourself to operate it because safety comes first.

If your IGET Bar doesn’t work and can’t be fixed, then buy a new one from IGET Vape. This website and the IGET Bar manufacturer are reliable, offer one-year free after-sales service for its products, and are dedicated to providing you with the most satisfying vaping experience!

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Is there nicotine in IGET Bars?

Yes, the IGET Bar nicotine content is 50mg/mL.

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