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Why your IGET Vape tastes burnt

Why Your IGET Vape Tastes Burnt?

About IGET Vape Tastes Burnt

IGET Vape is a well-known electronic cigarette brand in. However, it’s possible to experience an unpleasant burnt taste while using it, which can be frustrating. Luckily, we have some effective solutions to improve your vaping experience.

Below, we’ve listed some potential reasons why you may experience an IGET burnt taste, along with their corresponding solutions. Please review each reason carefully to quickly resolve any burnt taste issues.

Why Your IGET Vape Tastes Burnt?

Reasons & Solutions

Chain vaping – Take your time when vaping

Using when E-liquid is low – Keep on top of your E-liquid levels

Use or storage in extreme temperatures – Using in proper environment

Vaping with high-VG E-liquids – Only use E-liquids that are specifically designed for IGET Vapes

Coil degradation or burnt wick – Consider replacing a new vape

IGET Vape Tastes Burnt Blog

The following article explores the causes of burnt taste in specific models of IGET Vape. If you’re interested, click and stay tuned for more updates!

FAQ About IGET Vape Tastes Burnt

How do I get the burnt taste out of my IGET Vape?
  • Clean the mouthpiece
  • Check the level of E-liquid if your vape can
  • Let the cotton soak
  • Wait for 15-20 seconds
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