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IGET XXL not working

IGET XXL Not Working: 1 Must-See Troubleshooting Guide

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As an experienced expert in repairing and using vapes for many years, I have seen many vapers troubled by the issue of “IGET XXL not working.” Today, I will analyze the reasons behind it and provide the most effective solutions for you. Here are the seven most likely reasons for IGET XXL not working:

  • Internal malfunctions
  • High-temperature environment
  • Blocked mouthpiece/airflow
  • E-liquid leakage
  • E-liquid depletion
  • Battery depletion
  • Damaged heating system

Keep reading to discover the most effective and practical solutions to resolve the troubling issue!


IGET XXL vape is renowned for its leisurely style, fashionable appearance, and portability, providing up to 1800 Puffs for a long-lasting vaping experience.

But no worries! After reading this article, you’ll be able to quickly identify the reasons behind your IGET XXL not working and take prompt measures to address the situation.

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The Workflow Of IGET XXL

IGET XXL not working: IGET XXL structures

The working process of IGET XXL is closely linked to the reasons for its malfunction. Therefore, understanding the working process of this vape will help you better grasp the seven main reasons behind IGET XXL not working.

Firstly, it’s essential to know the four main components of this device: the mouthpiece, atomizer, battery, and airflow.

Any issues with these components can potentially cause the vape not to work. The complete working process of XXL IGET is as follows:

Vaper inhales through the mouthpiece
The battery powers the atomizer
The atomizer heats the e-liquid
The vapour enters the vaper’s mouth through the mouthpiece
Vaper exhales the vapour

Remember that during the entire working process of XXL vape, any problem IGET XXL in any of these steps can lead to its failure to function properly.

Reasons Why IGET XXL Not Working

Internal malfunctions

Why is your IGET XXL not working? It might be due to an internal malfunction from the beginning.

For instance, if you noticed a rattling sound when shaking the XXL vape upon receiving it, there is no doubt that it resulted from improper handling during transportation, leading to internal issues in the vape, hence causing the XXL IGET not to work.

High-temperature environment

high temperature environment

Leaving your IGET XXL in a high-temperature environment for an extended period or vaping in high-temperature conditions can potentially cause IGET XXL not to work.

High temperatures can lead to overheating of internal components like lithium batteries and coils, affecting the proper functioning of XXL IGET.

Blocked mouthpiece/airflow

Blocked mouthpieces or airflow are common reasons for IGET XXL not working.

Based on the understanding of XXL Vape’s working process mentioned above, we can determine it:

  • If external debris blocks the airflow of this disposable vape, external air cannot enter the vape, and the first step of I GET XXL’s operation is hindered.
  • If external debris blocks the mouthpiece of it, the vapour generated inside the vape cannot be delivered to the vaper’s mouth, resulting in IGET XXL not working.

E-liquid leakage

IGET XXL e-liquid leakage

When e-liquid leakage occurs, the e-liquid may enter the internal circuit or components of the IGET XXL, causing it to malfunction. You can identify e-liquid leakage in your XXL vapes through the following five signs:

External traces

There are obvious e-liquid traces on the exterior of the vape, which may leak from the mouthpiece or airflow.

E-liquid sensation

When you take a puff, if you feel e-liquid in your mouth, it may be due to e-liquid leakage while the vape is in use.


E-liquids have a distinct aroma, and if you can smell this aroma when the IGET XXL is not working, it may be due to e-liquid leakage.

Tactile sensation

If the exterior of the XXL IGET feels greasy, it may be due to e-liquid leakage.

Leakage marks

If you frequently place your XXL Vape in one spot and then notice e-liquid stains in that area, it may be due to e-liquid leakage.

E-liquid depletion

The IGET XXL 1800 is a disposable vape that comes pre-filled with 7ml of e-liquid, eliminating the need for vapers to fill e-liquid tanks manually.

With its fixed e-liquid capacity, vapers can enjoy the delightful experience of the XXL IGET until the 7ml of e-liquid is depleted.

When the 7ml of e-liquid is depleted, the delightful vaping experience of your XXL vape ends.

Battery depletion

Battery depletion display

Another common reason for IGET XXL not working is battery depletion. The built-in battery of XXL vape has a large capacity of 950mAh, allowing long vaping sessions.

The battery of the XXL vapes will eventually run out of power, and the battery depletion rate depends on the vaper’s frequency of use and vaping habits.

If the vaper uses the vape frequently or takes long draws, the battery may deplete more quickly. Once the battery is fully depleted, the XXL IGET will stop working.

Damaged heating system

After ruling out the six reasons mentioned above for your IGET XXL not working, the heating system is highly likely to be damaged.

The heating system consists of the battery and the atomizer, and as we can understand from the working process of IGET Vapes XXL, the heating system is of utmost importance.

When the heating system is damaged, the e-liquid cannot be vaporized, which explains why your IGET XXL is not working.

IGET XXL Not Working – How To Solve It?

How to solve the iget bar not working
Return the IGET XXL
return the IGET XXL display

If you encounter any internal malfunctions or broken in your IGET XXL upon receiving the product, it is essential to promptly contact the seller for a replacement or initiate a return process.

Alternatively, you can contact customer service for after-sales support and discuss possible compensation.

Avoid high-temperature environment
avoid high temperature environment

Avoiding high-temperature environments is crucial for the proper functioning and longevity of the IGET Vape XXL. High temperatures can harm the device’s components, potentially leading to malfunction or even permanent damage.

Please store the IGET XXL in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. If you are outdoors on a hot day, consider keeping your device in a shaded area or inside a protective case.

Check for foreign objects
check for foreign objects

Before using the vape, check if any foreign objects are blocking the mouthpiece or airflow. If you find any, gently remove them using a cotton swab or fine needle.

To avoid similar situations, storing your IGET Vape XXL back in its packaging box after each use is recommended, keeping it clean and tidy to reduce the chances of foreign particles entering.

Ensuring the proper maintenance and storage will help maintain the normal functioning of IGET XXL and ensure long-lasting use.

Clean up the e-liquid
clean up the e-liquid

If you find e-liquid leaking only on the outer shell of your IGET Vape XXL, use a clean damp cloth to wipe it off.

However, if e-liquid leakage occurs inside the vape, do not attempt to disassemble and clean it as it may pose safety risks.

In this case, seeking assistance from a professional repair technician or considering purchasing a new IGET XXL would be a better option.

Buy a new IGET XXL 1800
IGET XXL display

The IGET XXL is a non-rechargeable disposable vape and running out of e-liquid and battery power are normal occurrences.

Therefore, we recommend buying a new I GET XXL to continue enjoying the wonderful vaping experience.

If you want to experience a rechargeable high-performance vape, the IGET Bar Plus would be the best choice.

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In the event of a damaged heating system, your priority response should also be to buy a new I GET XXL.

Because attempting to repair the heating system yourself can be highly dangerous, and seeking professional repairs may cost more than buying a new IGET XXL.

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How Long Does An IGET XXL Vapes Last?

The available usage time of IGET XXL 1800 varies from person to person, ultimately depending on your vaping frequency. With 1800 puffs available, if you vape around 800 puffs daily, it would last approximately 2 days.

Based on my personal experience, moderate vapers can use it for 3-4 days, while heavy vapers may get around 2-3 days of usage before it runs out.


The introduction to the seven main reasons and solutions for IGET XXL not working has ended. If you encounter the I GET XXL situation not working, don’t worry. Just follow this guide step by step to solve the problem.

If your IGET XXL 1800 is beyond repair, head to IGET Vapes and buy a new one! They offer the widest and latest selection of IGET XXL flavours for you to choose from.

Of course, you can also explore other series of IGET vapes on the website. By the way, they offer free shipping on orders over $100!

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IGET XXL nicotine content has 2 types: 5% and 0%.

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